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Unreal Tournament 2007

Now with added modifiability.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Midway has confirmed that the latest PC instalment in the UT series will launch next year, revealing that it will carry the title of Unreal Tournament: 2007 - despite rumours to the contrary.

"UT 2007 will be a major evolution for the series," said Midway bigwig Steve Allison.

"Fans will be blown away by the next-generation gameplay, modifiability and visuals."

Lead designer Steve Polge recently said the game marks "a real generational change" for the series, and "more of a leap than the original Unreal Tournament to UT2004." Hence they were considering dumping the year from the title and going for something new - but apparently they've decided against it.

New gameplay elements, more vehicles, better community support and vastly improved visuals are promised, as well as the all-new Conquest game mode. You can read a full preview on US website Gamespot, and see some images from the game here.

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