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Ghost Recon devs talk X360

And latest instalment in series.

Two of the developers working on Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfare have revealed what they think of the Xbox 360 in a live webchat.

Lead multiplayer designer Christian Allen said he's enjoying developing for the console, stating: "We can have detailed maps, customizable characters, and thousands of game mode combinations..."

"The greatest thing for us is the new live interface and rich presence," he went on.

"Now players have a consistent profile, friends list, etc. This takes the work off of the plates of the developers, and ensures the players have a consistent experience across all Live games."

Game designer Gilles Matouba added: "We were able to push the power of the 360 using our Multi Core technology, which means we can push the 3 processors to the max in terms of animation, post fx, HDR and so on."

The webchat also revealed that up to 16 players will be able to battle it out on Xbox Live, but that Ubisoft is "not currently planning to support clans initially at launch."

So what of the differences between the Xbox 360 game and other versions? Well, Allen revealed that although all the games will follow the same storyline, the 360 also has a co-op campaign that begins once the single-player story ends - "Taking you to Nicaragua against a whole new group of enemies."

While the current-gen Xbox game will only offer a first-person perspective, the 360 one will also feature "a precise aiming view, like a close-up over the shoulder view," according to Matouba.

"For 360 we wanted to give people the option of moving your team, drones and support troops via the 3D tactical map," he added.

There will be 25 weapons available in the single-player game - not counting vehicles - and 35 in multiplayer, including some favourites from previous Ghost Recon games.

You'll have the option to switch weapons with dead opponents and team-mates, and "all high caliber sniper rifles have had the "countersnipe" feature added, so it means you can shoot through certain objects and different walls... Within reason!"

"There is quite a bit of customization, with a whole range of real military gear that you can use," Allen said.

"In addition, you can choose from four different classes that affect your weapon handling, and serve as your character identity."

You can read the full chat over on the Ubisoft forums.

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