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DOA4 slips in Japan again

Still December though.

Looks like Dead or Alive 4 has slipped another couple of weeks in Japan.

According to a report from Game Watch, Tecmo's now planning to release the Xbox 360 beat-'em-up on December 29th in Japan. The developer said it regretted the need for the delay, but due to a stability problem with online head-to-head fighting it was unavoidable.

It had been down for the 17th. The original plan of course was to have it out on December 10th - this Saturday - to coincide with the Xbox 360's launch in the region, but Team Ninja's perfectionist attitude wouldn't permit it. During a recent interview, project head Tomonobu Itagaki remarked that he despised the release-now-patch-later culture and wouldn't go down that path with any of his games.

What this latest delay means for the game's European and US prospects is unknown at this point - the game had already been delayed in both regions, with most retailers quoting a mid January European date.

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