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New Mexico makes for a stunning backdrop in American Truck Simulator's upcoming DLC

Trailer parked.

Developer SCS Software has released two unexpectedly beautiful new minutes of sweeping vistas from its upcoming American Truck Simulator New Mexico DLC.

The expansion was announced back in February to celebrate American Truck Simulator's first birthday, and follows on from last year's Arizona DLC. SCS' version of New Mexico includes the likes of Albuquerque, Santa Fe, and even Roswell, so you can make a stop-off just in time to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the area's infamous alien incident.

In a reach for greater realism, every rest area and truck stop in SCS' New Mexico expansion is unique. The developer has even included a number of surprising real-world features, such as musical roads, which are designed to stop drivers from falling asleep. "At various highways around the world," SCS explained in a recent blog post, "creative minds have altered the frequency of the grooves to produce actual melodies when a wheel is in contact with the rumble stripe. If you keep the correct speed, you will hear a real melody from your tires."

American Truck Simulator's musical road is located on Route 66 between Albuquerque and Tijeras, and will play "America's Beautiful" if you maintain 45 mph while driving along it.

Unlike Eurogamer's Martin Robinson, who gave American Truck Simulator a great big Recommended badge in his review, I don't have a natural affinity for the tranquil monotony of long-distance trucking. However, watching SCS' New Mexico trailer, I can absolutely see the allure of unhurried automotive adventures against such a strikingly evocative backdrop.

As Martin said of American Truck Simulator in his review, "Slow, deliberate and measured, it's a game that understands you don't have to be bouncing off the redline to enjoy yourself; sometimes life's better taken in at a smooth and steady 55mph."

SCS is "putting finishing touches" on its New Mexico DLC, so hopefully it'll be upon us soon.

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