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Naff Ghostbusters game was made in only eight months - report

It don't look good for developer Fireforge.

The Ghostbusters game Aoife gave short shrift to in her review was apparently only developed in eight months, which explains a thing or two.

That detail comes from a Kotaku report that the developer behind the game, Fireforge, has filed for bankruptcy. Apparently it has a bill of around $12m to pay.

Fireforge's situation is complicated. It had two games in development besides Ghostbusters that haven't emerged and that it faces trouble over.

Apparently one game, codenamed Atlas, was being funded by huge Chinese company Tencent, which also happens to own 33.7 per cent of Fireforge. To Tencent, Fireforge apparently owes $11.3m.

Apparently the other game, codenamed Zeus, was being published by Razer. And it's from a Razer-related private company that Fireforge faces a lawsuit - for allegedly using Razer's money to make Tencent's game.

Given that backdrop it's perhaps no surprise Fireforge rushed a paid Ghostbusters game out of the door for Activision.

The Ghostbusters game came out alongside the new film in July. It was a hollow twin-stick shooter Aoife said was "just... empty". "Bustin' doesn't make me feel good, or bad, or anything at all really," she wrote. "Tomorrow, this game will be a spectre itself; we'll have forgotten it was ever here at all."

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