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Microsoft's Kudo Tsunoda

Talks Gears of War 2.

Until January this year, Kudo Tsunoda was best known for producing the Def Jam and Fight Night series. Well, that and sporting ridiculous sunglasses at all times, and wearing the kind of clothes and jewellery more usually seen on rap stars than people who make videogames for a living.

Then it was announced Tsunoda was to join Microsoft Game Studios to work on "an upcoming Gears of War title". To no one's astonishment, that title turned out to be Gears of War 2. Eurogamer caught up with Tsunoda, and his sunglasses, to find out what he's got to do with it all, how the game is coming along and just what "more badass" actually means.

EurogamerCan you explain your role in the development of Gears of War 2?
Kudo Tsunoda

Obviously the people at Epic do an awesome job of making the game. Gears 1 was just stupendous and Gears 2 is coming along really well. Someone like Cliff [Bleszinski] has such a great vision for the game, and it's about being able to enable his creativity as much as possible. There are all kinds of good resources Microsoft can bring to the table, and my job is to facilitate all that stuff for Epic and Cliff and all the people working on Gears of War 2.

Also when it comes to playing the game, it's good sometimes to have a little outside perspective. We can lend that and give feedback. The great thing about working with Epic is all they care about is making the best game possible, so they're always happy to work on everything in as collaborative a manner as possible. We're trying to do everything we can to make sure Cliff's vision and what Epic wants gets into the game.

Are you tired of these screenshots yet? Of course you're not.
EurogamerCan you give us any examples of feedback you've given so far?
Kudo Tsunoda

I think if you've played Gears of War 1, it's clear there's stuff you'd want to improve on in Gears of War 2. The story wasn't necessarily as robust as it could have been, and that's stuff we're really going to blow that out in Gears of War 2. We've got Josh Ortega who's a great comic book writer, and he's totally focused on the story. We want to do a much better job of that.

When you look at the gameplay - it's great, but I don't think there's ever that sense of a giant, epic war. In Gears of War 1, it's the Locusts versus the Cogs, but when you're playing it's more like you and one other person fighting a small entourage of Locusts. In Gears 2, we're blowing that out to give you a much grander sense of battle.

The gameplay could sometimes be a little repetitive in Gears of War 1. It's like, okay, you move forward a little bit, duck and cover, pop a few guys, move forward a little bit, duck and cover, pop a few guys... You had a great toolset for things your character could do, and we're blowing that out in Gears 2 to put you in a much wider variety of gameplay situations.

EurogamerGoing back to what you were saying about the storyline, there were criticisms that Gears 1 was too over-the-top macho, with all these big men strutting about being ever so tough and American... Has that changed now?
Kudo Tsunoda

Yeah. If you look at the character line-up from Gears 1, they were very stereotypical characters. There wasn't much variety between the different types. That's something that not only in the development of existing characters we're changing up, but also adding some new characters that add their own individual flair to it.