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Mass Effect Andromeda release date finally confirmed for March

UPDATE: Fresh gameplay details class customisation.

UPDATE 5/1/17 8.30am: Last night's CES opening keynote brought two minutes of brand new Mass Effect Andromeda gameplay footage.

This trailer is perhaps our most detailed look yet at the game's combat customisation - you can see how you'll be able to customise the skills loadout of main character Ryder in battle, and switch between skills previously locked into individual classes.

It's also another chance to gawp at the Tempest, your sleek new Normandy.

ORIGINAL STORY 4/4/17 6.00pm: After years of waiting, Mass Effect Andromeda finally has a release date: 23rd March in Europe and 21st March in North America.

Andromeda is the fourth main game in BioWare's sci-fi series and has been in development for nearly five years. We've been seeing bits and pieces of it for a while, but the game's marketing has only really kicked into gear in the last couple of months.

Gameplay footage first appeared at September's PlayStation Pro event, followed by further trailers at December's Game Awards and PlayStation Meeting.

We now have a good idea when Mass Effect Andromeda is set, who the major characters are and who (most) of your squadmates will be.

It's been a long wait for Mass Effect Andromeda's release date - and it's strange EA has made us wait this long - but BioWare seemed confident of the game's prospects when Eurogamer sat down for a interview last month. Our chat detailed Mass Effect Andromeda's squadmates, cut content and the game's final round of polish.

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Mass Effect: Andromeda

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