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Five minutes of Mass Effect Andromeda gameplay reveals krogan, turian squadmates


The Game Awards has brought us nearly five full minutes of Mass Effect Andromeda footage, featuring our first extended look at proper gameplay - and some new squadmates.

Footage shows our heroine Ryder exploring one of the game's planets - Kadara - with a female turian and krogan buddy. The two aren't named, but previous leaks put the krogan as being called Drack.

(If you're counting, we now know of at least five squadmates - asari Peebee, humans Liam and Cora, plus these two new guys. There's also been word of a squadmate from the Andromeda races).

The area feels like some kind of space pirate stronghold, and Ryder must negotiate with its human leader (who has a British accent so must be a baddie).

We also get to see some of Mass Effect Andromeda's open world gameplay, which is very reminiscent of ME1. There's the driving through open space in your vehicle, combat in large open areas, and scanning for minerals.

For more on Mass Effect Andromeda's leap to a new galaxy, we've compiled a full guide to everything we know so far.

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Mass Effect: Andromeda

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