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LittleBigPlanet level compo winner!

Level to be in-game and at EG Expo.

Eurogamer is delighted to announce that Michael Williams, better known to you lot as Lazlow, has triumphed in our LittleBigPlanet level design competition!

Lazlow's level, which you can check out in its own special LittleBigPlanet competition winner gallery, wasn't just a wicked idea, but was so wonderfully illustrated by his garden and fridge contents that it won you all over.

As you know by now, Lazlow will travel to London next week to design his level in the game with the help of what Sony calls an LBP "super user" - a member of the actual development team - and we will be joining him to report on his adventure.

He also wins an 80GB PlayStation 3 and lots of other goodies, and most importantly his level will be loaded into LBP for the world to play when the game is launched, and showcased at this month's Eurogamer Expo.

Congratulations to Lazlow, and the other four finalists - all of whom still win a copy of LBP, a t-shirt and a woolen Sackboy doll. Furthermore, there will be 95 more Sackboy dolls for the best of the other designs we received.

Look out for our coverage of Lazlow's level design adventure very soon.