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Life is Strange 2's second episode gets a trailer ahead of this week's release

And you should finish Captain Spirit first too!

It's been a long wait, but Dontnod is finally poised to unleash the second episode of its so-far well-received Life is Strange 2. It's coming to Xbox One, PS4, and PC on January 24th, and there's now a launch trailer to get you in the mood.

Life is Strange 2 introduces new series protagonists Sean and Daniel Diaz, two brothers forced to go on the run following a tragic accident. Those yet to give the first episode (which debuted last September) a whirl, might want to avoid the trailer below for fear of spoilers - and, indeed, given the game's story focus, those fully up-to-date might want to tread lightly too.

It is worth mentioning, however, that Episode 2 (titled 'Rules') has direct ties with Dontnod's wonderful free side-story episode The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit, which released in June last year. Dontnod says that actions taken during Captain Spirit will have repercussions in Episode 2, so you might want to play it beforehand, if you haven't done so already.

Unsurprisingly, Dontnod hasn't yet offered an estimated time of arrival for Life is Strange 2's remaining three episodes, but it said last December that it would be unlikely to match the release cadence of previous Life is Strange games if it was "to meet the quality of play and storytelling that our vision for a game like this demands and that you deserve." If the studio maintains its current rate of release, Life is Strange 2 will reach its conclusion in 2020.

The good news is that Dontnod's dedication to quality appears to be paying off so far. Eurogamer's Johnny Chiodini was impressed by Life is Strange 2's first episode last year, noting that while it was "oppressive in a way we've not seen from the series up to this point", it "certainly put my fears to rest - and it's left me hungry for more."

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Life is Strange 2

PS4, Xbox One, PC

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