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Let's Play Spelunky PC

20 minutes with the new PC version, due out Thursday.

Spelunky! We love Spelunky. Derek Yu's 2D platform roguelike was a hit on Xbox Live Arcade last year after it was given a glossy makeover for its console debut, and anyone on the Eurogamer team who hadn't already fallen in love with the lo-fi PC original certainly fell for it on 360. Lewis Denby paid tribute to its "astonishing creativity" and "spectacular depth" in our review, before Ellie named it her game of the year. We even recorded a podcast devoted solely to extolling its virtues.

This Thursday, 8th August, PC gamers will finally be able to get their hands on the enhanced version when it is ported back to their platform in its XBLA threads. There's a new Daily Challenge mode included, where everyone in the world squares off against each other on the same set of uniquely generated levels for leaderboard bragging rights, and we're going to be covering that in the days ahead. To kick off, though, we thought everyone - new players and Spelunky veterans alike - might enjoy a refresher, so I dived in and put together a Let's Play with the goal of at least making it as far as the jungle levels.

Did I succeed or do I just cock it up over and over again? Find out by watching the video. Look out for full review of Spelunky on PC and some Daily Challenge videos very soon.

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