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Eurogamer.net Podcast #124: Spelunky Special

The dead are restless...

Are you still playing Spelunky? We're still playing Spelunky. Mossmouth's roguelike underground 2D platform game has captured our imaginations like nothing we've played this year, including previous podcast favourite Fez.

This week we've decided to devote an entire show to the game we've already given 10/10 because, as Chris Donlan says at one point, we're genuinely beginning to wonder if we will ever stop playing it.

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There are so many things to admire, from the perfect attack angle of the humble bat to the post-death window onto a giant fish humping your corpse, the spikes, the evil monkeys, "I hear rushing water", the kissing booth music...

What's more, as Tom Champion, Chris and myself discover after talking about it for over 40 minutes, each of us has sunk many hours into it but we still have so many more things left to experience. I hadn't worked out about sacrificing things on Khali's altar, for example. And why does that tombstone have "Ash" written on it?

We try to keep things relatively spoiler-free. I guess you could say that we share things that we think you're likely to have seen if you're more than half a dozen hours into it, but we are careful around any big reveals.

Anyway, if you love Spelunky as much as we do, then we hope you enjoy our ramblings. Sometimes it's fun just to gush.

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