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Let's get evil in Baldur's Gate 3: Part 6 - Oh god it was me all along

I can hardly Bhaalive it.

A very close close-up of Bertie's long orange-haired human character in Baldur's Gate 3. They are tainted by black veins and blood is spattered on their face. They do not look happy.
Image credit: Eurogamer / Larian

Welcome back! Let's Get Evil is a monthly series for Eurogamer Supporters in which Bertie rampages through games being as evil as he can. It sounds easy, but is it? And how much freedom to be horrible does each game afford? There's only one way to find out.

Note, spoilers will naturally occur as Bertie gets further and further through Baldur's Gate 3. Currently, he's dealing with events in Act 3, especially those revolving around the Dark Urge.

We're nearly there, the end is drawing in. I've travelled long and far and finally arrived in the city of Baldur's Gate, where I discover something that rattles me to my core: a reveal of ground-shaking proportions and the sort of moment I play these games for. But first, let's pick-up where we left off, with my party waving goodbye to Act 2, where a shadow curse still ravages the land, but where Ketheric Thorm, the villain of the land, no longer sits, for he is dead and I am triumphant. Now, there are only two people from his unholy alliance standing before me: the murderous Orin, who I quite admire actually (and who's brought to life wonderfully by Maggie Robertson), and the scheming Lord Gortash (also brilliantly brought to life, this time by Jason Isaacs).

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