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Latest Mario Kart 8 DLC backs up earlier leak on platform origins of future tracks

Let the speculation begin!

Shortly after Nintendo released the first wave of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Booster Course Pass DLC in March, data miners uncovered what appeared to be a near-complete list of platforms each new wave would be pulling tracks from - and the recent arrival of Wave 2 appears to validate that leak, giving fans a solid foundation for the giddy speculation of classic tracks still to come.

Following Wave 1's release, data miner Fishguy6564 shared a video of Mario Kart 8's track selection screen with the Booster Course Pass' ten remaining cups unlocked, complete with the platform origin of each included track. The then-unreleased Wave 2's Turnip Cup, for instance, was shown to contain four tracks taken from Mario Kart Tour, SNES, N64, and DS, while Propeller Cup listed tracks from Tour, GBA, Wii, and a final, yet to be defined course.

We now know, following Wave 2's release this week, that those leaked platforms line up perfectly with Mario Kart 8's newly expanded track roster. The final track listing for the Turnip Cup is New York Minute (Mario Kart Tour), Mario Cart Circuit 3 (SNES), Kalimari Desert (N64), and Waluigi Pinball (DS), while the Propeller Cup brings Sydney Sprint (Tour), Snow Land (GBA), Mushroom Gorge (Wii), and Sky-High Sundae (Tour). Notably, the latter is debuting as part of the Booster Pack but coming to Tour later, which might explain its absent tag in the leak.

So where does all this leave us? Well, nowhere near a complete track listing for the Booster Pass' remaining four waves, obviously. But it does provide a solid framework for future speculation as to what those updates might bring.

Assuming no seismic shifts in future plans, it looks like we can expect two tracks from Tour in Wave 3, alongside two 3DS tracks, a DS track, a GameCube track, a GBA track, and a still undefined track. Wave 4, meanwhile, will likely feature another three Tour tracks, plus tracks from Wii, DS, GameCube, GBA, and a final mystery addition.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe – Booster Course Pass Wave 2.

Three more Tour tracks (and another mystery addition) would seem to be on the way in Wave 5, alongside one track each from the Wii, GBA, Gamecube, and SNES games, and things will likely wrap up in Wave 6 with two more Tour tracks, two Wii tracks, and a GameCube track. The remaining three are as yet undefined.

So there you go! By my reckoning that means there's still ten Tour tracks to come, four Wii tracks, four GameCube tracks, two 3DS tracks, two DS tracks, three GBA tracks, and one SNES track, with the remaining six unclear. All that's left to do, then, is pick your favourite courses from those platforms, cross your fingers and hope Nintendo grants your wish. Oh and good-naturedly argue over which are the best Mario Kart tracks in the comments below, of course.

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