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Incredible Hulk Grand Theft Auto 5 mod released

Smash and grab.

Grand Theft Auto 5 PC players can now beef up their game as the Hulk.

The green machine is playable via the GTA5 Hulk script by JulioNIB, which is downloadable now.

Hulk can jump, grab and thunder clap his way around Los Santos, barrelling in to traffic and landing on the ground with a scenery-breaking thud.

Walk into a train and you will derail it. Lift up a lamp post and you can use it as a baseball bat.

JulioNIB previously released Hulkbuster and Iron Man mods for the game. Sounds like it's time for a scrap between the lot of them.

GTA developer Rockstar has given single-player mods a big green light - at least on PC. You're not allowed to try and tamper with GTA Online, however.

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