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Has the cost of living crisis affected how you buy and play games?

It's a Eurogamer reader survey.

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Hello there! Apologies for the interuption. If you have three minutes to spare, we'd really appreciate your time filling out our latest anonymous reader survey.

This one has a slightly different focus, so it's worth stressing once again these things are designed to be filled out with as little or as much information as you're happy to share.

As the title of this post suggests, we're keen to understand more about how the current cost of living crisis affects you. It's changing all our lives - including how we interact with our favourite hobbies - and it's important we understand how, in order to better serve you.

If you're ditching your subscriptions to save money (I recently binned off Netflix after nine years!) it makes sense for us to not cover them as much. Alternatively, if you're trying new subscriptions to play games without buying them full-price, it makes sense for us to cover them more!

You may have seen our sister sites Rock Paper Shotgun and VG247 running similar surveys from our corporate uncle Reedpop. Any participation there qualifies for a hearty pat on the back - and the reassuring knowledge you need not fill out another.

Here's that link to the reader survey once again, and thanks as ever for your support - it really is appreciated.

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