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Harry Potter Wizards Unite Dragons - release date and Dragon region locations explained

Is Norbert is on his way to Wizards Unite?

Dragons will be soaring into Harry Potter Wizards Unite on September 7th.

Announced alongside the news of the first Harry Potter Wizards Unite Fan Festival in Indianapolis, Dragons will be the first new Oddity to appear since the game's release.

Dragons have played important roles in the Harry Potter series - from the ones guarding the Gringotts vaults to Norbert, Hagrid's pet dragon - so it's very exciting to see their inclusion in Wizards Unite.

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How will Dragons be released into Harry Potter Wizards Unite

Dragons will make their first appearance at the first Harry Potter Wizards Unite Fan Festival at Water River State Park in Indianapolis. The event will be held over two days - 31st August and 1st September - and the event will run from 11am to 7pm (ET).

The event isn't just assigned to Indianapolis though. Wizards Unite is following the Pokémon Go formula of having global challenges alongside each Go Fest. So, even if you can't attend the Fan Festival, keep an eye out for a special assignment or two that will allow you to unlock a special reward.

Dragons will be released worldwide on September 7th after the event ends.

Harry Potter Wizards Unite Dragons teaser gameplay

How will Dragons work in Harry Potter Wizards Unite?

Dragons will be the first new Oddity category to be added to Wizard Unite since the game's release.

Dragons will have its own page in the Registry, alongside the other Oddities. Finding a dragon will also work in the same way - a special Dragon trace will appear on the map, you'll save the dragon from a Confoundable, then add the dragon to your Registry.

Dragons will, however, be the first regionally exclusive Oddity in the game.

Being 'regionally exclusive' is exactly like it sounds. Much like how certain Pokémon in Pokémon Go can only be found in specific countries or areas around the world, Tauros only spawns in North America for example, Dragons in Wizards Unite will be assigned specific regions across the world to appear in.

Four dragon breeds have currently been confirmed for Wizards Unite:

  • Common Welsh Green
  • Antipodean Opaleye
  • Peruvian Vipertooth
  • Chinese Fireball

More dragons, such as the Hungarian Horntail and Swedish Short-Snout, could make their way into Wizards Unite one day.

A Chinese Fireball, Common Welsh Green and Hungarian Horntail.

Before beginning your wizarding adventure, you’ll want to join a Hogwarts House in Harry Potter Wizards Unite. After that you’ll need to learn how to battle, so you can compete in Wizarding Challenges at Fortresses or how to use Greenhouses, so that you can perform Potion Master Notes. You can also unlock Portkey Portmanteaus and choose a profession from Auror, Magizoologist or Professor. Don’t forget to take part in the monthly Community Day event either!

Which regions will Dragons appear in Wizards Unite?

Here are the dragon breeds you can find in Wizards Unite and their assigned regions:

  • Common Welsh Green - Europe and Africa
  • Antipodean Opaleye - Oceania, including Australasia and New Zealand
  • Peruvian Vipertooth - Americas and Greenland
  • Chinese Fireball - Asia, the Middle East and India

While we haven't heard any rumours yet, hopefully both the Norwegian Ridgeback and the Hungarian Horntail will find their way into Wizards Unite, since these two breeds both played important parts in the Harry Potter series.

In Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, Hagrid, the Hogwarts groundskeeper, attempts to raise a Norwegian Ridgeback dragon, which he calls Norbert, in secret.

Elsewhere, in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Harry must retrieve a magical egg from the nest of a Hungarian Horntail as part of the Triwizard Tournament - also known as the worst school sport event ever.

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