VideoSSX cinematic trailer cruises in

Snowboarding reboot lands early 2012.

VideoLatest SSX footage shows off Mac

Classic character back on his board.

VideoSSX video reveals intricate level design

Locations! Jumps! In-game alpha footage!

Key events

VideoSSX cinematic trailer cruises in

Snowboarding reboot lands early 2012.

SSX launches January 2012

Moore: "Ridiculous amount of content."

VideoLatest SSX footage shows off Mac

Classic character back on his board.

VideoSSX video reveals intricate level design

Locations! Jumps! In-game alpha footage!

VideoSSX dev shows tricks and stunts

Grab your flake jacket.

SSX: Deadly Descents renamed SSX

Has "very strong" multiplayer component.

Bright new SSX screens and artwork

Grittier image being downplayed.

VideoFirst SSX: Deadly Descents dev diary

EA Canada on renewing the franchise.

Crisp new SSX: Deadly Descents artwork

EA gives gamers the cold shoulder.

SSX: Deadly Descents details revealed

UPDATE: Platforms announced.

VideoEA announces SSX: Deadly Descents

All downhill from here.