Video | SSX cinematic trailer cruises in

Snowboarding reboot lands early 2012.

SSX launches January 2012

Moore: "Ridiculous amount of content."

Video | Latest SSX footage shows off Mac

Classic character back on his board.

Video | SSX cinematic trailer cruises in

Snowboarding reboot lands early 2012.

SSX launches January 2012

Moore: "Ridiculous amount of content."

Video | Latest SSX footage shows off Mac

Classic character back on his board.

Video | SSX video reveals intricate level design

Locations! Jumps! In-game alpha footage!

SSX: Deadly Descents renamed SSX

Has "very strong" multiplayer component.

Bright new SSX screens and artwork

Grittier image being downplayed.

Video | First SSX: Deadly Descents dev diary

EA Canada on renewing the franchise.

Crisp new SSX: Deadly Descents artwork

EA gives gamers the cold shoulder.

SSX: Deadly Descents details revealed

UPDATE: Platforms announced.