Silent Hill: Homecoming News

Silent Hill and Bloodborne receive Unreal Engine 4 fan tributes

UPDATE: Silent Hill stage now available to download.

New Silent Hill movie starts shooting

X-Men Origins star takes lead.

New Silent Hill movie confirmed

Avary on board to write sequel.

Avary doing Silent Hill 2 film?

Pulp Fiction writer to try again.

Silent Hill Homecoming gets release date

It's out in Feb, as is new Castlevania title.

Developer confident about new Silent Hill

Reckons it'll be "at least as compelling".

New Silent Hill pushed back to February

Europeans play familiar waiting game.

New Silent Hill this September

Now known as Homecoming.

E3: Konami shows Silent Hill 5

First shots arrive, details.

Silent Hill 5 coming to next gen

The Room is the last in the series on current generation machines.