Silent Hill: Homecoming News

New Silent Hill movie confirmed

New Silent Hill movie confirmed

Avary on board to write sequel.

A second Silent Hill movie is officially on the way, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Screenwriter Roger Avary and producer Samuel Hadida, who worked on the first film, have already signed up for the project.

Movie company Davis Films will start shooting next year, once they've finished Resident Evil 4.

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Avary doing Silent Hill 2 film?

Pulp Fiction writer to try again.

Roger Avary may return to write the Silent Hill film sequel after all, according to comments made by renowned novelist Bret Easton Ellis.

Silent Hill Homecoming gets release date

Silent Hill Homecoming gets release date

It's out in Feb, as is new Castlevania title.

Konami has konfirmed that the next instalment in the Silent Hill series will be released on 27th February.

Silent Hill Homecoming is already out in the States for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. It's "fairly decent", according to our review.

Also coming on Feb 27th is Castlevania: Judgement for Wii. It's a fighting game with 3D environments and a spanky online mode. There's more on the gamepage.

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Developer confident about new Silent Hill

Reckons it'll be "at least as compelling".

Developer Double Helix believes Silent Hill: Homecoming will be "at least as compelling as some of the previous games" in the spooky series, despite being the studio's first attempt at the IP.

Silent Hill 5 coming to next gen

The Room is the last in the series on current generation machines.

The fifth episode of the gruesome Silent Hill series was confirmed today, but is being designed with next generation console hardware in mind.