Mercenary Kings

Mercenary Kings review

Can a game be too generous? In the case of Mercenary Kings, a retro-flavoured action game that mashes up Metal Slug's run-and-gun carnage with Terraria's foraging and crafting, the answer might well be yes.

This is a game with a supremely entertaining core that then gets spread far too thinly over 100 missions that sprawl across repetitive maps, until what was once sprightly and fun becomes stodgy and frustrating. It is, at least, the sort of bloat that comes from passionate indie developers with more ideas than they know what to do with, rather than the weary, box-ticking feature creep that soaks into big franchises that have outstayed their welcome.

The concept is arcade-simple. You are the Mercenary Kings: awesome warriors brought back from the dead with bionic abilities in order to rid a tropical island of the evil CLAW, a fiendish madman so ruthless that caps lock keys apparently jam in his presence.

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Mercenary Kings to kick butt on PS4 in April

Steam version launches in two weeks.

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World and Wizorb developer Tribute Games' upcoming side-scrolling shooter Mercenary Kings is coming to PS4 on 2nd April in Europe and 1st April in North America.