Free Realms News

Sony Online Entertainment closing MMOs, teasing new ones

Confirms EverQuest Next for PS4, considers taking on Hearthstone.

Free Realms claims 20m registered users

Sony's kids MMO doing brisk business.

Sony Online Entertainment back online

Sony MMOs begin restoration.

SOE MMOs offline for "few more days"

Compensation expands to items, money.

Sony Online reacts to PSN identity theft

Treats for PS3 DC Universe, Free Realms.

SOE: Free Realms can reach 100 million

Thanks to "endless supply of children".

Free Realms finally gets PS3 date

Free-to-play kids' MMO heading to PSN.

Sony: Expect PlanetSide Next  Q1/Q2

Plus: The Agency, Free Realms PS3 launches.

Free Realms Mac soon, PS3 "still coming"

World still holding breath for console MMO.

Sony Online announces layoffs

Free Realms publisher cuts 41 jobs.

Free Realms still in development for PS3

Console port will be shown at E3.

Free Realms claims 10m accounts

SOE's free MMO celebrates anniversary.

Free Realms adds football mini-game

3-a-side MMO soccer, free for 5 levels.

Free Realms for PS3 in mid-2010

May support Eye. 5 million play PC.

Free Realms to break 4m users soon

This week, says creative director.

Number of Free Realms players hits 2m

Three-quarters of them are under 17.

Over a million sign up for Free Realms

Sony rewards players with in-game t-shirts.

Free Realms launches today on PC

PS3 version due out later in the year.

Free Realms membership detailed

What's not so free-to-play.

Free Realms enters beta testing

Closed now, open in April for kids' MMO.

Free Realms to launch in early April

Beta within weeks, PS3 version in Q3.

No Station Cash for SWG, Vanguard

SOE item sales stay in EverQuest 1 & 2.

All future Sony MMOs console-bound

Including the next EverQuest.

Family MMO Free Realms takes shape

Form rock bands, trade cards, train pets.

Real money trading in The Agency

Could the spy MMO end up free to play?