VideoStory dev diary for XBLA game Deadlight

Side-scrolling platformer that oozes atmosphere.

VideoDeadlight story trailer shows new gameplay

XBLA horror platformer out this summer.

VideoDeadlight developer diary talks '80s setting

Stylish silhouetted XBLA title due this summer

Key events

Tequila Works opens up about turbulent development of Rime

"We knew we had to deliver or we were f****d."

Deadlight: Directors Cut announced for June

Coming to Xbox One, PC and PS4.

Deadlight heading to Steam later this month

Features "improved graphics, a new nightmare mode and the full OST."

Microsoft's Summer of Arcade 2012 posts uninspiring sales

Wreckateer is worst-selling title in promotion for years.

Deadlight Review


XBLA hot-prospect Deadlight has its story explained

"Told through the eyes, thoughts and diary entries of Randall Wayne."

VideoStory dev diary for XBLA game Deadlight

Side-scrolling platformer that oozes atmosphere.

Xbox Live Summer of Arcade release dates and prices

Tony Hawk gets things started on 18th July.

Microsoft reveals Summer of Arcade line-up

Plus Minecraft hits 2 million sales mark.

VideoDeadlight story trailer shows new gameplay

XBLA horror platformer out this summer.

VideoDeadlight developer diary talks '80s setting

Stylish silhouetted XBLA title due this summer

VideoDeadlight gameplay trailer emerges from the shadows

Stylish XBLA shooter due this summer.

VideoXBLA exclusive Deadlight gets a trailer

First look at stylish survival platformer.

Indie horror Deadlight announced for XBLA

Developer boasts Diablo III, Heavy Rain veterans.