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Hidetaka "Swery" Suehiro's new game The Good Life - a papercraft open-world murder mystery in a rural English town, oh and where you turn into a cat or dog at night - will fail as a campaign on crowdfunding platform Fig. He seeks $1.5m but has raised only a third of it, and his time runs out today.

Swery's new game will be "perverted, violent and crazy"

And he reveals a disturbing early vision for Deadly Premonition.

What will maverick designer Swery, real name Hidetaka Suehiro, make next? How will he follow the Twin Peaksy eccentricity of Deadly Premonition, or the dizzyingly off centre D4: Dark Dreams Don't Die? More to the point: is he okay?

D4 PC gets a June release date

D4 PC gets a June release date

New season teased.

Hidetaka "Swery" Suehiro's Deadly Premonition follow-up, D4: Dark Dreams Don't Die, is heading to PC on 5th June for $14.99 (about 10), the developer announced on Twitter.

It will be available on Steam, GOG, Humble Store and Playism.

Swery also suggested that future episodes of D4 are on the way. "The next season will be even better than you're all expecting, so please keep cheering me on," the director said in an interview with Gamasutra before teasing the following image:

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D4 coming to PC

UPDATE: First screenshots. System specs. Changes.

UPDATE 01/05/2015: Access Games has released the first screenshots of the PC version of D4.

D4 debut episode review

D4 debut episode review

The hand of odd.

Editor's note: We're trying a new approach to reviews of episodic game series like D4, inspired by our approach to early access releases and some online games. The debut episode will be reviewed without a score, as here, and we'll review the whole season with a score at its conclusion.

My first reaction? Relief. It turns out that Swery, the mercurial game director responsible for the unforgettable Deadly Premonition, is the real deal. My great fear going into D4: Dark Dreams Don't Die, his long-awaited follow-up and an Xbox One exclusive, was that the eccentric mixture of leftfield drama and oddball gameplay mechanics that made Deadly Premonition so unique was just a happy accident: a series of bad decisions that turned into something bizarre and fun by pure fluke.

D4 says otherwise. The style of game couldn't be more different - this is a point-and-click episodic adventure game rather than a sprawling survival horror - but the tone is gloriously similar. This is a game where almost everything is just slightly out of the ordinary, as if an invisible hand reaches in and twists every scene, every mechanic, every input a few degrees off centre. It's dizzying, disorienting and constantly distracting. And now, we see, it's clearly on purpose. Swery isn't an inept designer who hit on a cult formula, but a natural maverick whose singular approach to character, story and gameplay can't help but result in experiences that are gloriously out of sync with everyone else.

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Deadly Premonition dev's Xbox One exclusive D4 launches tomorrow

Cel-shaded Xbox One mystery adventure D4 will launch worldwide tomorrow, 19th September, developer Hidetaka 'Swery' Suehiro confirmed to Eurogamer at Tokyo Games Show 2014.

The game will launch for $14.99 (UK price still to be confirmed) and include the prologue, first and second episodes. More episodes will follow at a later, undisclosed date.

Designed for Kinect, the whole game is also playable via a standard controller. In a live demonstration we saw how the game's camera movements (dragging and swiping your hand left and right in front of you) can be replicated by a simple tap of the control stick.

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FeatureD4 looks like the first game to be truly better with Kinect

The latest from Deadly Premonition's director is strange, surreal and utterly brilliant.

If you've played any of the original games of Hidetaka "Swery" Suehiro and his Access studio before, you'll know they can have a tendency to be a little odd. That much was clear as far back as Spy Fiction, and it's a strangeness that's snowballed all the way up to Deadly Premonition, the deliciously bizarre facsimile of Twin Peaks that earned itself a much deserved cult following in the years following its release. D4, an Xbox One exclusive that's to be released episodically over an as yet undecided number of instalments, is something else though. It's a surreal, hilarious and often imaginative adventure game that takes the bizarre humour of Deadly Premonition to an extreme, and it's really all the better for it.