Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood Videos

VideoAssassin's Creed dev answers Eurogamer readers' questions

Ubisoft Montreal sheds light on the series' future.

VideoKratos, Snake, Ezio star in new PS3 ad

Roster of heroes in Sony commercial.

VideoAssassin's Creed Universe video

An overview of the series so far.

VideoWitcher 2's Assassin's Creed easter egg

Geralt bails on AC hay diving.

VideoAC: Brotherhood in super widescreen

5760x1080 displays true eagle vision.

VideoAssassin's Creed DLC multiplayer trailer

Da Vinci Disappearance content shown.

VideoAssassin's Creed: Brotherhood trailer

Ezio leaps onto PC 18th March.

VideoFirst look at new AC: Brotherhood DLC

Ezio back in The Da Vinci Disappearance.

VideoNew AC: Brotherhood DLC shown off

New map, multiplayer mode out now.

VideoFirst DLC for AC: Brotherhood out now

Ubi updates multiplayer for free.

VideoSee Raiden in AC: Brotherhood

Find out how to play as MGS man.

Digital FoundryAC Brotherhood PS3-exclusive DLC vid

The first Copernicus mission captured.

VideoVR missions for AC: Brotherhood

Animus re-opening from tomorrow.

Digital FoundryAssassin's Creed: Brotherhood PS3/360 Face-Off

Microsoft and Sony platforms head-to-head.

Digital FoundryAssassin's Creed: Brotherhood gameplay analysis

A range of AC:B missions compared on PS3/360.

Digital FoundryAssassin's Creed: Brotherhood engine analysis

Like-for-like clips on PS3/360 vs. DF tools.

VideoAC: Brotherhood online multiplayer

We take Ezio and his pals online.

VideoAC: Brotherhood virtual training footage

More than just Papal over the cracks.

VideoAC: Brotherhood multiplayer training footage

Exclusive: Kills of the trade.

VideoAC: Brotherhood launch trailer

Released next Friday.

VideoNew AC: Brotherhood trailer

Ezio goes on a Roman holiday.

VideoAC: Brotherhood story trailer

Not built in a day.

VideoAC: Brotherhood reveals Officer

Another multiplayer class.

VideoAC: Brotherhood dev diary #3

Ubi on how to be the perfect enemy.

VideoAssassin's Creed: Brotherhood footage

Exotic gameplay, apparently.

VideoAssassin's Creed: Brotherhood gameplay

Single-player monk-squashing.

VideoAC: Brotherhood Rome developer diary

Wasn't built in a day, apparently.

VideoAssassin's Creed: Brotherhood dev diary

Behind the scenes with the AC brothas.

VideoWho's who in AC: Brotherhood

Appearances can be deceiving.

VideoAssassin's Creed: Brotherhood's campaign explained

Singleplayer footage as Ezio defends his villa.

VideoEGTV vs. Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood

Vincent Pontbriand talks us through Ezio's return to Rome.

VideoAssassin's Creed: Brotherhood rolls deep

Say hello to my little friends.