Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood Videos

Video | Assassin's Creed dev answers Eurogamer readers' questions

Ubisoft Montreal sheds light on the series' future.

Video | Kratos, Snake, Ezio star in new PS3 ad

Roster of heroes in Sony commercial.

Video | Assassin's Creed Universe video

An overview of the series so far.

Video | AC: Brotherhood in super widescreen

5760x1080 displays true eagle vision.

Video | Assassin's Creed DLC multiplayer trailer

Da Vinci Disappearance content shown.

Video | Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood trailer

Ezio leaps onto PC 18th March.

Video | First look at new AC: Brotherhood DLC

Ezio back in The Da Vinci Disappearance.

Video | New AC: Brotherhood DLC shown off

New map, multiplayer mode out now.

Video | First DLC for AC: Brotherhood out now

Ubi updates multiplayer for free.

Video | See Raiden in AC: Brotherhood

Find out how to play as MGS man.

Digital Foundry | AC Brotherhood PS3-exclusive DLC vid

The first Copernicus mission captured.

Video | VR missions for AC: Brotherhood

Animus re-opening from tomorrow.

Digital Foundry | Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood gameplay analysis

A range of AC:B missions compared on PS3/360.

Digital Foundry | Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood engine analysis

Like-for-like clips on PS3/360 vs. DF tools.

Video | AC: Brotherhood online multiplayer

We take Ezio and his pals online.

Video | AC: Brotherhood virtual training footage

More than just Papal over the cracks.

Video | New AC: Brotherhood trailer

Ezio goes on a Roman holiday.

Video | AC: Brotherhood reveals Officer

Another multiplayer class.

Video | AC: Brotherhood dev diary #3

Ubi on how to be the perfect enemy.

Video | AC: Brotherhood Rome developer diary

Wasn't built in a day, apparently.

Video | Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood dev diary

Behind the scenes with the AC brothas.

Video | Who's who in AC: Brotherhood

Appearances can be deceiving.

Video | Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood's campaign explained

Singleplayer footage as Ezio defends his villa.

Video | EGTV vs. Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood

Vincent Pontbriand talks us through Ezio's return to Rome.