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Fortnite quietly fixed its XP problem

More fun, less grind.

This week, Fortnite Chapter 2 quietly fixed its big XP problem - which Eurogamer wrote about in detail on Monday.

In a nutshell, Fortnite fans had worked out you would need to play an extraordinary number of games to fill out your Season 2 Chapter 1 Battle Pass - and in a new season whose tagline is "More Fun, Less Grind".

Last weekend, developer Epic Games activated a "Supercharged XP" system which quadrupled match XP. And now, as of this week's 11.01 update, the same kind of quadrupling has gone into the game permanently. Fans are very happy.

Unlike the Supercharged event, this change affects XP broadly across the game. This means match XP and bonuses for activities such as eliminations, surviving into the late game, opening chests etc., as well as Battle Pass challenges and the daily Punchcard.

For example, Punchcards previously gave eight 2000 XP rewards and two 4000 XP rewards. They now give eight 8000 XP rewards and two 16,000 XP rewards.

Is this how Epic had intended the system to work from the offset? The developer has remained quiet on the change and its reasoning - and for a second week in a row, has unusually decided not to publish patch notes.

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