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For Honor's dedicated console servers roll out today

Shinobi a nicer experience.

For Honor's dedicated servers roll out on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One today. There's maintenance scheduled for 2pm GMT, after which they should be up and running.

Dedicated servers should improve the whole online experience, boosting stability, matchmaking and overall smoothness and performance.

Dedicated servers rolled out for the PC version of For Honor a couple of weeks ago and, according to Ubisoft, "entirely eliminated" resyncs and host migrations during games. Match completion rates jumped up as a result. Everything learnt from the PC roll-out will be applied to the console roll-out from the get go.

Dedicated servers come as part of For Honor's free fifth season of support - Ubisoft is good at this ongoing support malarkey, as Rainbow Six: Siege's enormous ongoing success attests. The fifth season, named Age of Wolves, refocuses the core experience with balance changes and fight system alterations. It will also bring three new training modes to help newcomers learn the ropes.

For Honor, a three-way war between vikings, samurai and knights, launched this time last year, and was one of the best fighting games we'd played in a long time. Its popularity dropped off soon after launch but recently Ubisoft said For Honor had 1 million active players a month (via PCGamesN) - more than enough to ensure robust support for some time to come.

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