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Final Fantasy 15 release date leaked

Demo due tomorrow.

UPDATE 30/03/2016 7.02pm: Final Fantasy 15's release date has supposedly leaked. According to Gamespot - in a video since removed but screen-capped on NeoGAF - it's arriving on 30th September.

Please try to act surprised when this is announced later tonight.

ORIGINAL STORY 30/03/2016 5.20pm: A final Fantasy 15 demo is due tomorrow, it has been revealed.

Journey into dreams.

The announcement was expected to go live tonight around 3am UK time when Square Enix kicks off a press conference about the highly anticipated title. But then some early images and trailers leaked, via Gematsu, and now the cat's out of the bag.

The demo will weigh 4.5GB and follows a dream sequence in which players take control of protagonist Noctis envisioned as a child. He'll be joined by the summonable creature Carbuncle as the pair explore a Kingdom Hearts-looking dreamscape.

There's a new trailer revealing how this will all look, with a second trailer imagining illustrator Yoshitaka Amano's concept art in 3D.

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