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Eurogamer seeks Web Developer for companionship and maybe more


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Image credit: Eurogamer

Sorry, misleading headline alert. It's actually not Eurogamer that's looking for a Web Developer, but our parent company Gamer Network. And there's no maybe about it, we definitely want more than just a walk in the park and a cuddle if we're lucky. We're after your coding genius.

The right candidate will have PHP, SQL, HTML and CSS skills and be capable of understanding this job advert, which is more than I can claim. Just upload your CV by hitting the button at the bottom to apply.

You'll get to work with our talented and handsome tech team on and across our portfolio of sites, including VG247, GamesIndustry International and USgamer, which is launching later this year. You'll also get to roll up your sleeves and get involved with our exciting events: Rezzed, Game Horizon and the Eurogamer Expo.

If you're not interested and know someone who might be, please send them our way! It's very much appreciated.

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