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Oli, Bertie and TomB try to detect the future. Also: Dawnguard, sparks and dance-offs.

Hello you! Welcome back to normal service on the Podcast. After last week's brilliant Eurogameological crossover series with the Gameological Society's John Teti in LA, this week we're back in rainy/sunny Brighton with me, Oli Welsh and Robert "Bertie/Birdie" Purchese.

Having rinsed E3 for stories and info last week, attention for podcast 115 turns to, er, E3, and more specifically where the f*** was the next generation? I grill Bertie/Birdie and Oli for info on what they saw of it at E3 and it turns out there was quite a lot, what with Watch Dogs, Square Enix's Luminous demo and Epic's Unreal Engine 4 session.

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Since I started playing Skyrim again at the weekend and everything is all about me, we also talk about Dawnguard, the upcoming expansion for the aforementioned mildly popular role-playing game. Birdie got to play it at E3 and regales us with stories of being a Vampire Lord or one of the boring individuals hunting them. (Although to be fair they can have a troll pet.)

Everyone's talked about how E3 this year was heavy on neck-stabbing, bows and arrows and wubstep, of course, but with the benefit of hindsight we also try to decide why. I can't remember what Bertie's theory was, but then that's the sort of reason you should actually listen to the podcast rather than just reading this pointer.

We also take some exciting questions from the audience, by which I mean people who follow me on Twitter.

Finally, sorry the podcast is a day late this week! Both Tom Champion and James Hills were away yesterday (Tom was in London judging a prestigious video games award - I'm not even joking - and James was filming the Wii U...) That's also why we weren't able to film this week's episode, although for the record I was wearing the purple shirt and Birdie's hair was quite something.

Join us again next week or else. Or else what? Exactly.

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