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Eidos Montreal made an original rock album for Guardians of the Galaxy

Roll with it.

Guardians of the Galaxy has an original rock album based on Peter Quill's favourite '80s rock band, Star-Lord.

The album, called Space Rider, was written and performed by Eidos Montréal's senior audio director Steve Szczepkowski, sound designer Yohann Boudreault, and senior creative director Jean-Francois Dugas, and can be played in-game via the Milano's jukebox. Szczepkowski talks about its creation in the video below:

According to the in-game narrative, Quill takes the name Star-Lord from his favourite band of the same name.

The album features original tracks that "celebrate the rock and roll, dysfunctional nature of the Guardians family". There's even an album cover, below, which looks like it perhaps takes some inspiration from a certain famous shooter from the early '90s as well as metal album cover from the '80s.

Aping the Marvel movie, the game also has a number of licensed music tracks, including hits from Iron Maiden, KISS, New Kids On The Block, Rick Astley and Hot Chocolate.

The game has what's called the Huddle feature, which lets you select songs during combat. You can hit play on Star-Lord's cassette player to cue up a specially chosen '80s hit "to inspire the Guardians and spur them on while fighting".

Guardians of the Galaxy comes out on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X and S, Xbox One consoles, and PC on 26th October. A cloud version hits Nintendo Switch also on 26th. For more, check out Eurogamer's Guardians of the Galaxy preview from June.

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