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Editor Oli talks to about the changing face of games journalism

It me.

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So this feels weird, but I did an interview! I mean as an interviewee, not interviewer for once. In honour of our 20th anniversary, I chatted to Matthew Handrahan, editor of our fine sister site, about the changing face of games journalism over the last two decades - particularly the 11-plus years I've been here at Eurogamer.

If you're interested in our craft, give it a read. Here's a little extract to whet your appetite.

Q: Plenty of games sites now write about pop culture broadly - Game of Thrones, superhero movies, I'm sure you know what I mean. Is that a route Eurogamer has ever contemplated going down?


Nope. No. Never doing it. With all due respect, we're just never doing it. We're a video games site.

There are two reasons for that. One is we're a video games site, and video games is enough. We have enough to write about. The other is - and this is just a personal thing of mine - it bugs me, I find it presumptuous, that a video games site would write about Marvel movies and not Tarantino or Almodovar movies... We wouldn't make those assumptions within video games about our readers. We assume they might be as interested in an indie game as a AAA game. At least, there are reasons why we would cover both, and we think both are interesting and deserving of coverage.

I don't like this idea that there's a Venn diagram of geek sub-culture. I prefer to assume that our readers' interests outside of video games could be absolutely anything.

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