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Discussing the IGN acquisition, Summer Game Fest, and Donlan leaving

Plus: your questions answered.

Illustration artwork for the Inside Eurogamer podcast. It shows - in very simple shapes - a purple radio with a smiley face on it. A friendly radio, if you will. Around it, blue and white and purple circles decorate a turquoise background.
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A brand new episode of Inside Eurogamer is now available exclusively for supporters of the website. This is the podcast that takes you behind-the-scenes where we discuss the work we do. Today we've got a lot of ground to cover.

Before I get into it, a reminder to anyone who isn't subscribed and is seeing the top part of this article: it's easy to join Eurogamer if you want to listen to the podcast. It's £3/€3/$3 a month or £30/€30/$30 a year, and for that you get exclusive content like Inside Eurogamer - also Five of the Best and Game of the Week and Bertie's Evil Adventures - plus an advert-free version of the website. Yearly supporters get key giveaways too. What's more, I've got plans for some new things coming up soon.

Today we're talking about three things. The first thing is Eurogamer's parent company Gamer Network being bought by IGN Entertainment. The sale was announced roughly a month ago, and now that we've had some time to adjust and learn more about it, we can talk about it. We can tell you, to the best of our knowledge, what it means for Eurogamer going forward, and whether we'll be absorbed by the IGN mothership and it will affect coverage we do on the site. Short answer: it won't. We can also answer the questions you submitted about it, so thanks for those.

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