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Grab the excellent Nvidia Shield TV Pro for just £160 from Amazon

A rather capable device, indeed.

Very few devices can hold a candle to their claim of a 'do anything' device, but if you're after a capable streaming box that goes beyond the traditional remit of one for a good price, this deal on the Nvidia Shield TV Pro from Amazon may well be for you. They've knocked a little bit off its £200 list price to bring it down to a more stomachable £160.

The Shield TV Pro perhaps takes the title of being the ultimate media box, with all manner of functions and features that seek to justify that high markup - including AI upscaling for video. Fundamentally, it can breathe a new lease of life into a TV that's got very little in the way of smart TV functionality in a way that more affordable boxes don't. As it runs Android, there's support for oodles more in the way of applications than more standard smart OSes will. It's a slick interface that supports all the major streaming apps, as well as server apps such as Plex - if you've got a cloud server full of stuff you want to access in a convenient manner, the Shield TV Pro can also handle that.

It also brings support for Dolby Atmos (in supported content) for more immersive audio. If you've got a TV that supports it, the Shield TV Pro can also give you Dolby Vision capabilities for an even better image, with better contrast and brightness, besides supporting other HDR standards, too. The Nvidia Tegra X1+ processor is up to a quarter faster than the previous generation, according to Nvidia, as well as also bringing with it the aforementioned AI upscaling for sharper images. You also get a Chromecast built in for convenient screen mirroring on compatible devices - that's a bigger help than you may initially find, if you're anything like me, and you end up casting stuff a lot.

Oh, and did I mention you also get access to GeForce Now? Nvidia's cloud gaming service is also understandably present on the Shield TV Pro, giving you access to a library of titles, no console or PC required, whether you're on the free tier or on a paid level. If you've also got a Steam library full of games, you can integrate it with GeForce Now, and play any one of the supported titles (albeit in a vanilla form), without booting up your PC. There are also games built in to the Shield TV Pro that are unique to the device, giving you even more stuff to play with.

The Shield TV Pro makes for quite a powerful piece of kit, and this discount on it from Amazon is certainly welcome. If you want to grab an excellent media box that gives you oodles of features, the Shield TV Pro is the ultimate choice.

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