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Best Amazon Prime Day 4K TV deals 2022

The best OLED, QLED and budget LED TVs, all approved by Digital Foundry.

Amazon's mid-season shopping holiday is called Prime Day, but for some reason it runs across two days - and today is that second and final day! Here are our updated Prime Day 4K TV deals we've spotted - all of which are models we recommend here at DF.

There have been some great deals so far, especially on OLED and QLED TVs that have come down in price substantially since the same time last year, while HDMI 2.1 sets preferred by gamers have reached lower price points too. This makes it a great time to upgrade your setup, whether you've got a PS5, Series X or PC, and no matter if you're in the US or the UK.

We've also got our own separate recommendations for the best Prime Day PC deals, so if you're looking to upgrade your PC with new components or peripherals - or even build afresh! - then you should definitely check that out. You should also check Eurogamer's curated selection of broader Amazon Prime Day deals, including games and games consoles.

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In the UK, get £9 free when you top up with £80 on Amazon. Meanwhile, at Amazon US, use code EGCPRIME22 when buying $50 of credit to get an extra $12.50 for free. Code GCPRIME22 may also work.

Prime Day OLED TV deals

OLED TVs offer strong advantages over traditional LCD displays, including perfect blacks for technically infinite contrast, wide viewing angles, quick pixel response times and more. However, QLED sets tend to offer greater peak brightness figures than OLEDs, making them slightly better for bright rooms, and OLEDs can also exhibit permanent image retention in rare caes. On balance, OLEDs advantages outweigh their weaknesses, which is why an OLED is our current top choice for gaming on PS5 and Xbox Series X.

LG's OLED sets are the most well-known, but other manufacturers like Sony, Samsung and Panasonic also offer some good options. Look out for reductions on existing stock of 2021 model year TVs, which in some cases offer superior features than the 2022 equivalents.

UK deals

Sony Bravia KE65A8/P OLED 65-inch 4K TV - £1200 (was £1700)

A big OLED for not much money, but no HDMI 2.1 means no 4K 120Hz or VRR.

LG C1 OLED 55-inch 4K TV - £1099 (was £1700)

Digital Foundry's top 4K TV for HDR gaming

LG A2 OLED 55-inch 4K TV - £1163 (was £1700)

LG's 2022 OLED - great for movies and TV, but no gaming features like 120Hz or VRR.

LG A2 OLED 65-inch 4K TV - £1672 (was £2200)

A larger LG A2 OLED, still great for TV and movies.

US deals

Sony A80J 55-inch 4K OLED TV - $998 (was $1298)

Sony's excellent and DF-recommended 2021 OLED.

Sony A80J 77-inch 4K OLED TV - $2400 (was $3500)

The massive version of Sony's excellent and DF-recommended 2021 OLED

LG B1 OLED 65-inch 4K TV - $1499 (was $2300)

A cheaper alternative to the C1 with a slower processor but near-identical image quality.

LG C1 OLED 48-inch 4K TV - $797 (was $1500)

An incredible value OLED monitor, or an insanely great smaller TV.

Prime Day cheap 4K TV deals

Our second category is the budget range, which is normally made up of non-QLED and non-OLED TVs - just standard LED televisions! These TVs tend to be much cheaper at a given size than QLED or OLED equivalents, making them the best (and often only) choice at more reasonable budgets. Within this category, you'll see mostly TVs built around VA panels, but there are some IPS TVs available as well. VA screens offer the best contrast and dark room performance, while IPS screens tend to offer wider viewing angles and sometimes better colour reproduction.

UK deals

LG Nano88 50-inch 4K Nanocell TV - £410 (was £465)

A very cheap HDMI 2.1 TV with 120Hz.

HiSense 43AE7000FTUK - £199 (was £399)

A small-ish 43-inch TV at 50% off. Cheap and cheerful.

Toshiba 32WK3C64DB - £149 (was £189)

32-inch 1440p Smart TV - odd, but could be ideal for someone!

JVC Fire TV 55-inch 4K TV - £295 (was £339)

A very inexpensive LED TV from JVC with Amazon's Fire OS

LG Nano75 55-inch 4K TV - £349 (was £597)

LG's NanoCells offer wide viewing angles and good colours

Samsung TU7020 75-inch 4K TV - £649 (was £799)

An incredibly large 4K TV for the money

LG Nano75 43-inch 4K TV - £299 (was £399)

A budget compact 4K TV for a good price.

Panasonic HX580BZ 50-inch 4K TV - £329 (was £530)

An older but still solid 50-inch TV with Dolby Vision HDR.

US deals

Toshiba C350 50-inch 4K LED Fire TV - $290 (was $430)

A cheap but cheerful Fire TV.

Prime Day QLED TV deals

QLED sets are another great choice at the mid to upper ends of the market, boasting wider viewing angles and better colours than a typical LED set without the possibility of burn-in exhibited by OLED TVs. That makes them a strong pairing not only for next-gen consoles, but also for the PC.

The best QLED sets on the market are made by Samsung, but other makers are also well-represented in the US, where the likes of Vizio and TCL produce some great budget options for the American market.

UK deals

US deals

Hisense 50E77HQTUK 50-inch QLED 4K TV - £448 (was £749)

A great deal on a 2022 QLED.

Hisense U6 50-inch 4K TV - $340 (was $530)

A 50-inch 2022 QLED for a very low price.

Samsung QN90B 55-inch 4K Neo QLED TV - $1598 (was $1898)

Samsung's 2022 flagship at 55 inches, with HDMI 2.1 gaming features and Mini LED backlight.

Samsung Q60B 60-inch QLED 4K TV - $798 (was $898)

A 2022 Samsung TV with no gaming features, but good picture quality.

Not sure which TV to choose? Check out our long-standing best 4K TV recommendations, where we've put a special focus on excellent HDR gaming performance on Xbox Series X, PlayStation 5 and PC.

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In the UK, get £9 free when you top up with £80 on Amazon. Meanwhile, at Amazon US, use code EGCPRIME22 when buying $50 of credit to get an extra $12.50 for free. Code GCPRIME22 may also work.

Stay tuned, and be sure to let us know in the comments if you find any deals we've missed. You can also follow @dealsfoundry or @dealsfoundryusa on Twitter for the best tech deals as we find them - for fast-moving items like the next-gen consoles or Nvidia graphics cards, often stock is exhausted in a matter of minutes so instant notifications can be a great way to ensure you end up with the tech you want.

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Which 4K TVs should I look out for this Prime Day?

Our top Prime Day recommendation is for the LG C1 OLED, as this offers incredible image quality and all the gaming features you need at a much lower price than this year's brighter but otherwise similar LG C2 OLED. In the UK, we're already seeing a 35 percent drop to £1099, while in the US the TV costs $1096.99 after a 27 percent discount. Elsewhere, we'll be on the lookout for deals on cheaper HDMI 2.1 TVs, as these offer 120Hz gaming and other useful features that set them apart from other TVs. Bookmark this page too and check it throughout the event - any good 4K TV deals will be added straight to this page.

Will I need Amazon Prime?

You can browse all deals on Amazon without needing an account, but if you want to buy anything that’s part of Prime Day then you'll need an Amazon Prime subscription. That costs $14.99 per month in the US and £7.99 per month in the UK. However, there is a way around this, as Amazon is currently offering a 30 day free trial of Prime for new customers. By signing up to this, you can get all of the benefits of Prime, including access to the deals, for free. Just be sure to cancel after the 30 day period is over.

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