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Destiny 2's Curse of Osiris DLC missions, event detailed

Loot before you leap.

New missions, activities and public events from Destiny 2's upcoming Curse of Osiris DLC were revealed in a Bungie stream last night.

Prophecies are bounty-like challenges to unlock one of 11 weapons.

First up was a new public event designed to make the most out of Osiris' shifting Mercury location. The event, named Crossroads, is the biggest of its type. Gameplay involves those Destiny stalwarts - killing things, dunking orbs - albeit over a large area which unlocks platforms reachable only while the event is active.

Bungie dubbed the event as also being "the most rewarding" - although the stream showed players simply being offered a piece of blue gear and some Mercury tokens.

Next, the Infinite Forest, a shifting hub which will offer a different combination of sections and enemies. You'll be pushed to explore it through Adventures, which have a curated start and finish section. The middle section of each is not procedurally generated, Bungie said, but "intelligently designed" to feature a random arrangement of sections, one of the four main enemy races and one of four different-themed surroundings whenever you play.

Heroic versions of Adventures will also be available, and were described as very difficult.

Bungie briefly mentioned Osiris' new couple of Strikes, which you'll first play in the form of story missions in the DLC's campaign. These will then be rejigged as a three-player activity and made available in a playlist.

Lastly, after completing Osiris' main campaign, you'll gain access to 11 quests ("Prophecies") for various weapons. To unlock these you'll need to undertake various combinations of the above mission types.

Catch up with the full stream just above.

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