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3,000 DOWII beta keys all gone!

Something for the weekend.

(Update #2: And they're all gone! Congratulations to everyone who got one, and remember that if you missed out you can take part when the beta goes live to all on the 28th, or if you already own the Dawn of War expansion Soulstorm.)

(Update: We'll be giving the keys away as planned from 3pm GMT! There will be a link on the homepage so you know exactly where to go. Please don't hammer F5 or you may experience problems accessing the site. You can speed up the process by registering an account in advance. Cheers!)

If you find your interest piqued by our hands-on impressions of the Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II multiplayer beta today and can't wait until the 28th January general release, you might want to clear a block of time this weekend.

That's because THQ has given us 3,000 beta keys to pass on to you, and we'll be doing so on Saturday afternoon at 3pm GMT.

The beta, which is currently open to people who bought Dawn of War expansion Soulstorm, allows you to play as any of the game's four races across five multiplayer maps, with matchmaking courtesy of Games for Windows Live's TrueSkill system.

The full game is due out for PC on 20th February in Europe. Look out for our review in the coming weeks.

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