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Bloodborne - Laboratory Floor 5, Brain Fluid, pressure plates, secret passage

How to survive Laboratory Floor 5 in Bloodborne's DLC.

This article explains how to survive Laboratory Floor 5 in Bloodborne: The New Hunters.

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Out on the balcony again, begin climbing the spiral staircase ahead. Immediately launch into a sprint and keep running until you reach the small central landing above - you'll narrowly avoid the wrath of the gun-toting wheelchair huntsmen that opens fire as you ascend. Once you're safe, deal with the brain creature loitering on the landing.

Next, look around and you'll note that there are three staircases attached to the central landing - the one you just climbed, one leading to the level above and another leading down to a balcony below. Head down the latter and prepare to confront the wheelchair huntsmen from earlier.

Avoid the booby-trapped pressure plates

Once you reach the balcony below, note the door marked 'Laboratory Floor 5' directly ahead then take a right. The huntsmen you seek sits on a small ledge to the right, a short distance away. Just before him, however, you'll notice two tall cupboards to the left. Approach these cupboards carefully - there's a raised pressure plate (covered in bottles) on the ground which, when pressed, will cause the cupboards to explode, covering you in deadly acid. Locate the pressure plate and carefully work your way around it.

Eliminate the wheelchair huntsmen then return to the door you noted a few moments ago, avoiding the booby-trap on your return trip. Head through the door, take a right up the steps and enter the elevator to descend to the lower level.

There's an acid-spewing wheelchair huntsmen waiting for you at the bottom, so be ready to take him down quickly. Once he's dead, eliminate the two blunderbuss-carrying wheelchair enemies to the left, near the back of the room, then head through the door to the right.

Kill the Church Servant

Out on the balcony, deal with the Church Servant, being careful not to roll off the ledge during battle - the fall will almost certainly kill you! Next, take a left (avoiding the pressure plate on the ground as you near the cupboards) then deal with the brain creature at the top of the steps to the right.

When it's safe to proceed, approach the glowing item at the end of the balcony, avoiding one last pressure panel as you go. Finally, grab the Madman's Knowledge from the corpse against the wall. Note that the steps you passed on the right lead all the way back down to ground level, should you wish to visit the Hunter's Dream and spend your hard-earned Blood Echoes.

When you're ready to continue, return to the elevator room and enter the elevator on the left. As it starts moving, press yourself against the left-hand wall and start walking forward. Shortly, you'll be ejected out along a secret tunnel midway up the shaft. Make your way along the corridor and take a left once you reach the balcony. Continue forward and descend the steps to the right.

As you near the bottom, you'll aggro a hunter, so quickly backtrack up the steps and continue the fight from the relative safety of the balcony. Once the hunter is dead, descend the steps again to reach the small hexagonal platform in the middle of the room.

Get the Brain Fluid from the brain creature

You'll spot a muttering, non-hostile brain creature squatting nearby - which, when attacked, will drop Brain Fluid. This will come in handy later. When you're ready to continue, head around the central column and stop once you reach the panel directly opposite the staircase. Look downward and you'll spy another staircase below - leap down onto it then eliminate the two large rats that scurry toward you and attack.

When both are dead, descend the steps to reach the platform below then continue down the next flight of steps. At the bottom, take a left and proceed through the open door at the end of the balcony. Outside, turn left and speak with the brain creature tending to the sunflower. You won't get much sense out of it so, once you're done, head back inside.

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