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Bloodborne - Boom Hammer hunter, Beast Cutter, Church Executioner, Eye Pendant

How to survive Boom Hammer hunter in Bloodborne's DLC.

This article explains how to survive Boom Hammer hunter in Bloodborne: The New Hunters.

If you're interested in more advice, our complete Bloodborne walkthrough and for the DLC our The Old Hunters guide and walkthrough can help.

Now that you've an easy way to return to the Hunter's Nightmare lamp, make your way up the narrow staircase on your left, directly opposite the newly-opened gate. Deal with the three beasts squatting in the alcove to the right then continue up the next flight of steps.

At the top of the staircase, quickly duck behind the column ahead to avoid the shotgun fire from the sneakily-concealed hunter opposite. As soon as he stops firing, slip around the column, cross over to the other side of the path and take him down.

Next, ascend the steps to the left and collect the Blood Vial from the corpse at top. Look down off the ledge and locate the hound waiting patiently below. Drop off the ledge and eliminate the dog. From here, follow the path to the right, sticking close to the half-buried tower.

Kill the Boom Hammer hunter

Continue forward and you'll spot another group of beasts crouched down to the right. Eliminate them and approach the low roof ahead. As you near, a tall (and tough) top-hatted gent with a combustible Boom Hammer drops from above. This guy is fast and his fiery staff does some serious damage - especially if you're caught in its slam attack - so try and stay behind him.

Thankfully, your foe is easy to parry with a gun - so stun him for a moment's respite during battle. Note that he'll likely drop Vermin on death. Remember that crushed Vermin can be used to acquire a new weapon and gesture from Valtr in the Forbidden Woods.

Get your hands on the Beast Cutter weapon

When you're ready to continue, work your way down the rooftop and loot the ledge below - you'll find the Beast Cutter weapon here. Next, drop to the ground and prepare to battle the hunter you heard crashing around earlier. It's an easy fight, but you'll need to watch out for the pressure plate installed on the ground near the corpse. Stepping on the plate will cause the gun on the right to open fire - and you obviously don't want a face full of bullets.

When the hunter is down, deal with the beasts congregating beneath the archway at the foot of the steps and make your way out onto the large, circular plaza. Note the (currently unreachable) item on the ledge to your left then grab the Madman's Knowledge from the corpse ahead.

Glance right from here, and you'll see more beasts gathered up ahead near a glowing item (Madman's Knowledge, as you'll discover shortly). Move in to attack the creatures, but be careful: once you land a blow, another tough, Boom Hammer-wielding foe will join the throng. As before, stay behind him to avoid his more powerful frontal assaults.

Once he goes down, begin working your way anti-clockwise around the plaza, moving toward the small platform at the end. When you arrive, deal with the gathered beasts and grab the handy Blood Vials from the corpse. Note that there's a slope to the left, near the central statue, that can be climbed to access the ledge-bound item (Twin Blood Stone Shards) that you spotted earlier.

With that taken care of, return to the archway leading out of the plaza and climb the long staircase on the other side. Shortly, you'll reach a small, circular platform swarming with more beasts. Step onto the platform and immediately dive to the left or right of the steps to avoid the giant flaming ball that comes tumbling down the staircase. All going well, the flaming ball will roll right passed you, taking out your furry foes as it goes.

How to eliminate the Church Executioner

When it's safe to proceed, look for the small dirt path to the left of the staircase you just climbed and make your way up - you'll find the Old Hunter Garb at the end. Next, return to the landing and climb the staircase ahead. Once you reach the next level, a bell will begin to toll and the enemies gathered above will meet a sudden and sticky end - at the hands of the giant, Executioner-style monstrosity that bursts through the cathedral doors.

Unfortunately, you'll need to defeat the creature in order to continue. Thankfully, despite its imposing appearance, the creature isn't terrible difficult to beat. It can hit hard and wide, yes, but its attacks are simple to dodge - leaving you free to slip around its side and rain on the blows from the safety of its rear. Watch out, however: when your opponent's health is at around 50 percent, it will hoist its blade above its head and pause, causing the axe to glow with a strange purple light.

Shortly, the creature will slam its blade down hard into the ground - and the resulting shockwave can do serious damage, knocking you off your feet. What's more, the blade will remain charged with magic from this point on, increasing its capacity for destruction. It shouldn't take too long to polish off your opponent's remaining health though.

Find the Eye Pendant

Once it's safe to do so, explore the area at the foot of the steps leading into the cathedral. To the left, behind a column, you'll find a corpse holding a Molotov Cocktail. Off to the right, meanwhile, you'll spot a body carrying a Blood Vial. Make a note of the cave mouth situated to the right of the corpse - we'll be coming back here shortly.

Next, head up the central steps and enter the cathedral. Inside, climb the enormous staircase and pass into the large chamber. Approach the strange creature sprawled across the altar and swipe the Eye Pendant from its outstretched palm. There's little else to do here for the time being, so retrace your steps and return to the cave mouth you noted earlier.

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