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Bloodborne - Hunter's Nightmare, Oedon's Chapel, Twisted Yharnam, Grand Cathedral

How to survive Hunter's Nightmare in Bloodborne's DLC.

This article explains how to survive Hunter's Nightmare in Bloodborne: The New Hunters.

If you're interested in more advice, our complete Bloodborne walkthrough and for the DLC our The Old Hunters guide and walkthrough can help.

Upon arrival in the Hunter's Nightmare, you'll find yourself back in Oedon's Chapel - albeit looking somewhat different this time around. Light the lamp ahead (adding the Hunter's Nightmare location to the new headstone in the Hunter's Dream) then take a moment to explore.

You'll soon notice that the passage leading to the Tomb of Oedon has been sealed - as has the exit on the left at the bottom of the steps. The small doorway to the right, however, has been replaced with a far grander door - although this, sadly, cannot be opened from your current location. For now, make your way out into the street, via the open archway at the foot of the steps.

Exploring twisted Yharnam, securing the Old Hunter Cap

Outside, Yharnam is in disarray, with its streets now a tangle of thick roots and toppled stone. Look left and and grab the Frenzied Coldblood (8) from the corpse against the door. Next, take a right and climb the long steps leading up toward the Grand Cathedral.

As you pass beneath the roots, you'll encounter a hunter wielding a shotgun and chain whip. Fortunately, he's relatively weak - unlike the hunters you encounter in the main game. It won't take more than a few concentrated blows (and some well-timed dodges) to bring him down.

(If you're genuinely struggling to best this first enemy, however, it might be that you're attempting to tackle the Hunter's Nightmare too soon. In this case, it's highly recommended that you spend some quality time levelling up your character before continuing.)

Once the hunter is down, proceed to the top of the steps. Up ahead, you'll spot a large gate that cannot - currently - be opened. For now, approach the body in the alcove to the left and collect the glowing Old Hunter Cap. You'll likely draw the ire of a mutant crow behind the gate to the right as you do - but don't worry, it won't be able to strike through the bars.

With the hat in your possession, make your way back down the steps and return to the archway leading into Oedon's Chapel. Face the building and glance left. You'll spot a glowing item a short distance up the dirt slope to your left. Scale the incline, grabbing the Twin Blood Stone Shards as you go, and continue along the path as it bends around to the left.

As it does, locate the low ledge on your left-hand side, directly opposite the partially-buried building to your right. Make a note of its location then turn your attention to the beasts attacking the hunter ahead. Once the hunter has dispatched its foes, it will begin to approach you. Draw in close to avoid the hunter's long-range whip attack and bring it down quickly.

Procuring the Old Hunter Gloves

When it's safe to do so, drop off the ledge you noted earlier and locate the corpse on the roof below. Grab the Old Hunter Gloves then jump back down to the ground. Finally, retrace your steps all the way back up the mud slope. This time, continue forward, using the tangled roots to cross the staircase below. Push onward and swipe the Blood Vial on the ground to the left.

Next, look out across the plaza below and you'll see a horde of beasts running amok. We'll deal with these shortly. For now, turn around and locate the small spire poking out of the ground. Scale the incline behind it and continue up until you reach the dead-end. Grab the Frenzied Coldblood (9) from the corpse, return to the small spire and take a right.

Unlocking the sealed gates

Follow the path forward and prepare to be ambushed by two hounds as you pass between the buildings on either side. Once they're down, continue along the path a short distance then climb the slope on your left. At the top of the slope you'll find more Twin Blood Stone Shards. You'll likely also hear the sounds of another hunter in the midst of battle below. Ignore the ruckus for the time being and head back down the slope to rejoin the path.

Continue forward and, shortly, you'll reach a fork in the road. Look out for the hunter concealed to the right and quickly take him down. Ignore the left-hand fork for now (it leads up to the Grand Cathedral) and, instead, take the right fork.

Once your reach the ledge ahead, drop down carefully and grab the glowing Old Hunter Trousers. Continue down to the ground, deal with the monstrous crows that attack then pull the nearby lever. This opens the gate you encountered earlier, creating a shortcut back to Oedon's Chapel.

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