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BioWare boss "blown away" by 3DS

Enough to do a game? "It will depend."

BioWare co-founder and boss-man Dr. Greg Zeschuk has told Eurogamer that he was "blown away" by the Nintendo 3DS at E3.

What's more, he sounds quite open-minded about the possibility of doing a game for it one day, despite BioWare's reputation for whopping RPGs on technically demanding formats.

"We could because we've done a DS game before," Zeschuk told Eurogamer in an interview published today.

"So imagining it, it's pretty similar. It will depend. The thing I'm curious about on 3DS is, what else does it bring to the table? Is it going to be wireless? What kind of backend connectivity are they going to do? That is what excites me."

Zeschuk said he "loved" the platform. "I saw it at E3 and I was blown away. I'm not sure if it'll bring that much more to the table. But that's going to be enough to reinvigorate the DS market.

"For us to want to jump in, you largely have to have a lot more online stuff going on there. You're clearly limited in how flexible you can be on the backend."

Zeschuk also talked to Eurogamer about Dragon Age 2 ("You can't please everyone") and progress on Star Wars: The Old Republic.

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