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Best PS4 and Xbox One games deals

Yakuza 0! NieR! Persona 5! More!

With the upcoming bank holiday, the deals are ready to bloom. Let's take a look at the best Xbox and PlayStation 4 games deals out currently.

First up, gorgeous adventure in which you fight despondent monoliths, Shadow of the Colossus is down to £12.85 on PlayStation 4 at Base.

If you enjoy the mythic vibe, Assassin's Creed Odyssey is down to £19.99 at Smyths Toys on both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 .

NieR: Automata.

Fans of anime and bloodthirsty giants may enjoy Attack on Titan 2 on Xbox One for only £7.95 at The Game Collection.

In a similar vein, Jungian archetypes meets dance in Persona 5: Dancing in Starlight for a reduced £24.85 on PlayStation 4 at ShopTo. Meanwhile, the original Persona 5 (which has less dancing) is down to £19.95 at The Game Collection.

Enjoy sad robots aplenty in NieR: Automata Game of the YoRHa Edition on PlayStation 4, down to £21.85 at ShopTo.

There's also classic Dreamcast titles Shenmue 1 and 2 on Xbox One, currently £12.85 at ShopTo.

Shadow of the Colossus.

For fans of slaughter and karaoke, Yakuza 0 is £11.86 on PlayStation 4 at ShopTo.

Last but not least, Metro Exodus on PlayStation 4 has plummeted to beneath £30 at The Game Collection.

Happy deals hunting folks and don't forget to ensure you have enough Xbox One or PlayStation 4 storage for all those new games!

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