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Battalion 1944 is coming to EGX Rezzed

Classic WW2 shooter getting first playable outing at next week's show.

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Battalion 1944, the old-school multiplayer shooter that looks to emulate classics such as Call of Duty 2, is going to be making its first playable appearance at next week's EGX Rezzed.

The game, in development at Derby-based Bulkhead Interactive, hit Kickstarter early last year and stormed across its £100,000 goal, raking in over £300,000. Square Enix Collective will be bringing Battalion 1944 to Xbox One, PC and PS4.

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Before then, though, you'll get a chance to sample it on the show floor, with one map being shown in vanilla team deathmatch mode. We'll have a little more to share with you on Battalion 1944 before EGX Rezzed kicks off next Thursday.

EGX Rezzed, in case you weren't aware, is an event run by Eurogamer's parent company Gamer Network, though they're quite nice about it and don't often force us to write anything about it. We do get a biscuit every time we tell you where to buy tickets, though.

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