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Tom is Eurogamer's news editor. He writes lots of news, some of the puns and all the stealth Destiny articles.

FeatureBungie on this year's break up, and building a better future for Destiny

"It's a pretty different situation this time around."

FeatureBack in Control: Remedy's weird new world feels brilliant to play

And the "exhale" after Microsoft's Quantum Break.

FeatureBioWare's endgame for Anthem

You've played the demo - what's next?

FeatureThe big Cyberpunk 2077 interview

CD Projekt on transhumanism, gender fluidity and what's beyond Night City's walls.

FeaturePokémon Go's boss on the game's future, Pokémon Let's Go, and event issues

"Bob Dylan's first electric concert was a little rough..."

FeatureWhat Ubisoft Crying Man did next

Davide Soliani on Mario Rabbids' Donkey Kong expansion, the E3 spotlight, and more.

FeatureThe big BioWare interview: the response to Anthem, and the future of Mass Effect

"For players who want this to be a traditional BioWare game, that is part of the game."

FeatureA fireside chat with Hearthstone's biggest bosses

Brode and Chu talk adventures, cross-platform play and consoles.

FeatureSuper Meat Boy Forever and the return of Team Meat

Tommy Refenes on mobiles, meat and the studio's future without Ed McMillen.

FeatureStar Citizen 3.0 update "akin to Early Access" launch

"It would be the worst scam in the world."

FeatureTelltale talks The Wolf Among Us' return and Game of Thrones being "on hold"

Plus: even more games for Switch, that long-awaited new IP, and poker.

FeatureReturning to Metroid

Co-creator Sakamoto on Samus Returns, Prime 4, amiibo and more.

FeatureThe big Xbox Gamescom interview

Mike Ybarra on X's launch line-up, the fate of Crackdown and much more.

FeatureLife is Strange: Before the Storm dev on Ashly Burch's absence, season pass kerfuffle and more

"We contemplated lots of different ways to react, including abandoning the project."

FeatureSuper Mario Odyssey is a very weird Mario game

30 minutes with Switch's next big hit.

FeatureA Way Out crafts a cocky new forced co-op concept

Couch play with Brothers developer Josef Fares.

FeatureFour hours with Mass Effect Andromeda

Far more than just Dragon Age Inquisition in space.

FeatureThe big Zelda: Breath of the Wild interview

Eiji Aonuma on how Zelda made the Switch, and how female Link was briefly considered.

FeatureEA's Peter Moore: I'm not sure video game press conferences have a future

As for its own gamescom event? "I think some people were confused."

FeatureWhat you actually do in Sea of Thieves

And yes, you can play it solo.

FeatureMicrosoft on cross-network play, Xbox One dev kits and more

When will we see the announcements put into practice?

FeatureShuhei Yoshida talks PlayStation VR

Limitations, marketing issues - and how it can afford that low price point.

FeatureBungie talks Destiny: The Taken King's event-focused future

Set your expectations for a quieter - but more surprising - second year.

FeatureLego Jurassic World is another slight evolution for the series

But its playable dinosaurs are worth raptorus praise.

FeatureResident Evil: Revelations 2 is a cautious step forward for Capcom's troubled franchise

More of the same, but still a shuffle in the right direction.

FeatureThe New 3DS XL unlocks the potential of Nintendo's handheld

Hands-on with the vastly improved New 3DS XL.

FeatureWatch Dogs: Bad Blood shows off its new tricks

But is Ubisoft's open world worth revisiting?

FeatureDoes Super Smash Bros. for 3DS and Wii U feel new enough?

Hands-on with the game in HD and on handheld.

FeatureGorgeous Mario Kart 8 retro tracks compared to originals

Plus, new weapons, characters and Mario Kart TV.

FeatureHow Watch Dogs' multiplayer liberates Ubisoft's open world

New impressions, new gameplay and new details on Ubisoft Montreal's blockbuster.

FeatureA new perspective: How Pokémon X and Y refreshes the series

Will the latest entries be a mega evolution?

FeatureCan Knack be PlayStation 4's Crash Bandicoot?

Hands-on with Sony's big platforming hope.

Nintendo 2DS hands-on

How does Nintendo's odd new handheld shape up to the 3DS, and how does it feel? New comparison shots inside.

FeatureThe happiness of Michel Ancel, the Rayman legend

Ubisoft's jolliest studio head on the trials of Rayman and what's next for Beyond Good & Evil.

FeatureWhat the delay has done for Rayman Legends

How Ubisoft Montpellier used the extra six months to build a better game.

FeatureSuper Mario 3D World: More than a feline

After a disappointing debut, can 3D World turn it round?

FeatureInside Watch Dogs, Ubisoft's new open world

New details including next-gen wind, and how others players can infiltrate your single-player game.

FeatureAssassin's Creed 4: Black Flag preview: how Ubisoft plans to hook you back in

Sail to more than 50 locations, cities and islands in a huge open world.

FeatureNew Super Mario Bros. U Preview: Out With the Old

Mario's HD debut feels fresh yet familiar.

FeatureHeroes of Ruin Preview: Fantasy Stars Online

Streamlined dungeon-crawling for the 3DS.

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