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Assassin's Creed Unity - Prologue, Templar Artifacts, Assassin, de Molay

Our complete walkthrough for Assassin's Creed Unity begins with a quick guide to making it safely through the game's simple opening section.

Unity's prologue section isn't going to give any Assassin's veteran too much of a headache, as it serves mainly as a tutorial for some of the series' core mechanics.

Follow de Molay

You first objective here is extremely simple. Keep following Molay and listen to the conversation, then just wait until you're prompted to start running. When you do so, a cut-scene will begin very shortly afterwards.

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Templar Artifacts

As soon as you and de Molay have gone your separate ways, you'll have to fight through a pack of enemies to make it to your waypoint marker. Keep a close eye on the combat instructions you're given, but do take any opportunities to dart through gaps of enemies when they appear.

Keep heading forwards until you trigger a new cut-scene. Next, look for a ladder on your left that will lead you up to a window. Climb it, enter the room, and then leave via the window that's on the other side of the room. Look to your left to where the scaffolding is, then climb up it and follow the instructions you're given. Once you've made it into the next room and then travelled down the stairs, a new cinematic will be triggered.

Kill the Assassin

Next up are a few more hints and tips that teach you more of the fundamentals of combat and agile movement. Trail the assassin, then follow the instructions you're given to finish the fight. Just keep working through the directions until the assassin is dead, then sit back and enjoy the closing cinematic of this opening chapter.

You can find the rest of our Assassin's Creed Unity walkthrough from the first page of this article.


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