Armed with just enough ammo, you find yourself squaring off against malformed axe-wielding sentries, undeterred by the bulging mutations rippling through their flesh. Squeezed down narrow prison corridors, it's the usual race against time as the pair of you frantically blast every last slug into rancid, cankered torsos.

But it's the third quarter of the episode where the old Resident Evil design genius really returns. With minimal resources at your disposal, you're forced into the kind of true survival-horror scenario that makes games such as these so compelling. No longer is it about the accuracy of your aim, but how you utilise the environment to your advantage to get the better of your vastly overpowered foe.

Eventually, of course, we catch up with Wesker and engage in the usual cat-and-mouse shenanigans as he, yet again, does his best Neo impression and dodges every bullet with lightning balletic grace. By the end you're left in no doubt that you've had your money's worth, in what has to represent one of the best-value slices of DLC yet.

With an assortment of added bonuses there are even more reasons to be cheerful. Most significant is the new rejigged Mercenaries Reunion, where you get to play the ever-popular score attack mode with a bunch of new characters and skins.

They should know by now that they're going to lose.

Available from the word go are Excella Gionne, the glamourous CEO of Tricell Corporation, as well as STARS Alpha Team member Barry Burton. Once you get good enough to achieve an 'A' rank on each map you'll also be able to unlock other characters, such as Rebecca Chambers and rather amusing new versions of Chris and Sheva (including the leather-clad 'Warrior Chris' and hood-wearing 'Sheva Fairytale' and more which we won't spoil for you here). In keeping with the free Costume Pack it's all throwaway stuff, obviously, but in the best possible way. There's nothing quite like a Village People version of Chris Redfield.

The obligatory presence of online leaderboards for your solo and duo excursions adds a tremendous degree of replay value, so the opportunity to run through all eight familiar maps and compete for honours again holds the same curiously moreish allure it always did. As with the main game, it's far more enjoyable to play alongside a buddy than to run solo, giving you the opportunity to take the fight to the Majini with a broader selection of weaponry. With split-screen available alongside online options, one of the best co-op experiences around now has even more to offer.

Having received a fair bit of criticism over the handling of its previous Versus DLC offering, Capcom more than makes up for some of its questionable decisions a year ago with Lost in Nightmares. Whether you play this via DLC or as part of the forthcoming Gold Edition of Resident Evil 5, it's an essential episode. For the price, you can't go wrong, and it bodes extremely well for the Desperate Escape DLC next month.

9 /10

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