Extra Stars

As any Mario fan will tell you, beating the game is only half the fun. There's a whole heap of bonus stars for you to find, plus the ability to replay the game with Luigi. He moves slightly different to Mario and everything! For those completists out there, assuming you've been following our fine instructions to get the hidden missions in each section, here's what you need to do to get all 120 stars.

Comet Missions

You have been doing these, right? There are 30 in all, and involve fiendish challenges set in previously beaten galaxies. Here's what to look for:

Speedy Comets (timed speed runs): Dino Piranha (Good Egg Galaxy), Pull Star Path (Space Junk Galaxy), Sand Blast (Dusty Dune Galaxy), Topman Tribe (Dreadnought Galaxy)

Cosmic Comets (races against Cosmic Mario): Honeyhive Cosmic Mario Race (Honeyhive Galaxy), Frosty Cosmic Mario Race (Freezeflame Galaxy), Cosmic Mario Forest Race (Gold Leaf Galaxy), Underwater Cosmic Mario Race (Sea Slide Galaxy)

Fast Foe Comets (enemies and platforms move faster): Fast Foes on the Cyclone Stone (Beach Bowl Galaxy), Fast Foes of Toy Time (Toy Time Galaxy)

Daredevil Comets (minimal health): Topmaniac's Daredevil Run (Battlerock Galaxy), Bouldergeist's Daredevil Run (Ghostly Galaxy), Major Burrows' Daredevil Run (Gusty Garden Galaxy), Ghost Ship Daredevil Run (Deep Dark Galaxy), Lava Spire Daredevil Run (Melty Molten Galaxy)


Purple Comets (coin runs): These unlock after you beat the game with more than 60 stars, and have completed the purple coin mission in the Gateway Galaxy. There are fifteen spread across all the main galaxies. They appear very frequently and, just as in previous 3D Mario games, involve finding 100 coins by any means necessary.

Luigi Stars

There are three of these - Luigi On The Roof (Good Egg Galaxy), Luigi Under The Saucer (Battlerock Galaxy), Luigi In The Honeyhive Kingdom (Honeyhive Galaxy). The names, and pictures, should give you a pretty clear idea of where to look for him. Luigi Under The Saucer also nets you the third and final green power star, making the Trial Galaxies available. Speaking of which...

Trial Galaxies

As with the Luigi Stars, there are three Trial Galaxies with one based around each of the fun little mini-games. They're pretty hard, but also enormous fun, so it's worth taking the effort to find them. Once the green launch star in the Observatory is available, it'll launch you up to that three-pronged lozenge in the sky (admit it - you were wondering what that was for) where green Lumas are waiting to blast you to your chosen trial. Here's what's in store...


Rolling Gizmo Galaxy: Gizmos, Gears and Gadgets

This another Monkey Ball styled level, and one that requires an absolutely steady hand. There are some agonisingly perilous sections, and some insanely hilarious swoops and jumps as well.

Loopdeswoop Galaxy: The Galaxy's Greatest Wave

This is a ray-surfing level, in which you have to complete the course - including loop the loops - in three minutes or under.

Bubble Blast Galaxy: The Electric Labyrinth

And this is a long bubble blowing level, jammed with mines and electric barriers.

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