This article explains how to explore Forsaken Cainhurst Castle in Bloodborne.

If you're interested in more advice, our complete Bloodborne walkthrough and for the DLC our The Old Hunters guide and walkthrough can help.

If you want to reach the Forsaken Cainhurst Castle section of Bloodborne, first of all use our Forbidden Woods walkthrough to reach Iosefka's Clinic through the rear entrance and pick up the Cainhurst Summons item. Next go to the Witch's Abode lamp, then go outside and keep your eyes peeled for an obelisk that's by the trees. Interact with it to call a carriage that will take you towards the castle.

Explore Forsaken Cainhurst Castle

Head up the frozen stairs in front of you, then go through the gate when you reach the top. In front of you is a lamp you need to light, then go further on until you come to a corpse that contains a pair of Numbing Mists. Watch out for the Crawler enemies that patrol around here - they've got decent reach and they can really knock you for six if you're not careful. Fortunately they can be stunned if you have a decent enough weapon about you.

Make your way over to the structure to your right, then go to the right-hand side of it to get Frenzied Coldblood from a corpse. Next, head along the lower path that's left of the structure until you reach a bunch of snakes. Fight them one at a time, then take the Tempering Blood Gemstone from the corpse further along the path.

Now go to the other structure in this area, and take the Frenzied Coldblood from the corpse that's just to the left of the stairs that lead up to the big door. Take the Numbing Mists from the corpse on the other side of these stairs, but watch out for nearby Crawlers.

How to deal with the castle's Stone Ghouls

Go up the stairs and through the massive door, then keep heading further into the room. On your right is a corpse containing a Madman's Knowledge. The Stone Ghouls around here will only attack you if you get too close, and if you back up away from them they'll calm down again.

Next, head over to the far right corner of this section and take the Reiterpallasch weapon from the chest. Now go to the left corner and take the Madman's Knowledge from the body lying on the floor.

Take the stairs in the middle of this room, and keep an eye out for the Stone Ghouls to your left and to your right. At the end of this path is a corpse containing a Blood Stone Chunk. Walk through the door at the end of the left-hand path and take the Quicksilver Bullets from the corpse. Kill all the ghouls in the room, then take the Noble Dress from the chest on your right.

Head through the door on the other side of the room, then go upstairs. A Gargoyle will ambush you if you head forwards, so go up the stairs on your right and attack the monster from the rear. Just be aware that he has a friend above and to the right.

Kill both enemies then walk along this upper path. Climb the circular stairs, kill the next Gargoyle you come across, then take the Blood Stone Chunk off the corpse. Finally, head downstairs and carry on to the left until you come to a new room.

Where to find the Executioner equipment in Bloodborne

Go up the small set of stairs here, then kill the Swordsmith. Carry on along the path, then head right before going into the next room. Here you'll find a few more Gargoyles, but it's worth killing them as you'll be able to pick up the Executioner Gauntlets, Garb and Trousers from the corpse at the end of this path.

Once you've got the items, turn around and enter the room on your right. kill the Ghouls here, there take the Vileblood Register from the chest. Just after this is a lift that will take you down. Get on it to bring a shortcut into play, then return to the previous room.

Head up the stairs at the other end of the room and kill the Swordsmith. Make sure you circle all the way around this area until you've killed all the enemies above the ladders. To your left is another corpse which contains a Blood Stone Chunk.

Where to find the Knight's equipment in Bloodborne

The window over in the far left corner has a gap in it. Go through it, then jump down onto the balcony. Enter the room on your left, then take the Executioner's Gloves from the chest in one corner. The other chest here contains the Knight's Gloves, Garb and Trousers/Dress.

Go back out the way you entered, then head left and jump down onto the platform below. Head over the roof, then go through the door on your left. Keep going along the next roof, then head right to where the corpse is. Take the Kin Coldblood from it, then kill the Gargoyle when it attacks. Now go back to the door you passed by a moment ago.

Yank the lever in front of you to create a new path, then go up the ladder that's just before the stairs and to your right. Carry on up the stairs until you come to a chest which contains Warm Blood Gemstones. Now walk down the hallway that's to your left, and work around to the other side. Make sure you kill the Imp nice and quickly, then go up the stairs.

At the roof, go to the other side and kill the Gargoyles by a corpse. Take the Knight's Wig from the body, then jump down onto the ledge that's to the right of this roof. If you head left, you should be able to see another roof ahead. Jump down onto it and veer right. At the end of this section, jump down onto the circular roof, then onto the next bridge below.

Take a left and grab the Kin Coldblood from the corpse. Go up the ladder in front of you, then go along the path in front of you to start the fight with Martyr Logarius.

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