This article explains how to kill Martyr Logarius, receive the Crown of Illusions and learn the Respect gesture in Bloodborne.

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The first thing to know about this boss is that it uses a huge number of ranged attacks in combat. You can block the less powerful ones by sheltering behind the objects on the roof, but you won't have much luck using this strategy for the bigger attacks. In general, avoid standing in front of the boss, and try to keep moving and working your way into a position behind him.

How to kill Martyr Logarius

So which projectile is on its way? Keep an eye out for the circular motion that telegraphs a spellcast. If the boss moves slowly, a big shot is on the way, while a faster movement indicates that a cone of smaller shots is coming. If you get near to the boss he'll make use of his weapon, but you can stun him and get a few whacks in before backing off again.

Should Logarius stick his sword into the ground at any point, get away from him so you don't get caught up in the area-of-effect attack that's coming. It gets harder to stun the boss at this point onwards, so you'll have to make do with getting a couple of swipes of your own in, before getting out of the way of his own damage.

If you see him leap up into the air and pause briefly, then start dodging like mad to avoid the incoming damage. If he floats up in the sky, be ready to dodge if he begins to move. You can smash the weapon left on the ground to prevent the projectile attacks hammering down on you.

Once the boss has been killed, light the lamp and take the Crown of Illusion from the floor. Stand near the throne and then equip the Crown to start a cut-scene which reveals the location of a door. Go through it, then go up the staircase in front of you.

How to learn the Respect gesture in Bloodborne

Inside the room at the top of the stairs is a lamp on the left-hand side. To the far right is a table with an Unopened Summons on it. Take the item, then go to the throne and kneel in front of the queen. Pledge your allegiance to the Vilebloods to get the Cainhurst Badge and Corruption items, and learn the Respect gesture.

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