Pokémon Sun and Moon - Aether Paradise, Secret Labs, President Lusamine, Master Ball

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You've wiped out the Team Skull headquarters, defeated the Ula'Ula Kahuna and earned both Buginium Z and Darkinium Z at Po Town. Now, you'll be facing yet another serious challenge, as it's time to head over to Aether Paradise Island once more.

You'll see for yourself what the specifics are, but here you'll be tackling some Secret Labs, President Lusamine, and the Master Ball, amongst other things...

Aether Paradise Island - Secret Labs A and B

Getting off the boat, it's time to head to the elevator. Gladion seems to know exactly what's going on here, and with Lillie and her Cosmog Nebby's safety on the line, it's best to trust him to lead the way. You'll need to battle through some Aether grunts along the way, who spot you as an intruder - but don't rush it, as there are some excellent items and TMs to pick up when you do a little searching.

Having worked your way northwards through the crates, it turns out that you can't access the lower levels, being intruders and all, and so the only option is to head up to the first floor.

There, Branch Manager Faba is waiting for you - battle him! When you've defeated him and his Hypno, he'll tell you that Cosmog might be downstairs, where the experiements are held - experiments, he says, aiming "to tear the very boundaries of the world apart". Doesn't sound great.

Heading back to the elevator, it's time to investigate. There are two labs, Secret Lab A and Secret Lab B - Gladion takes A, Hau to B, it's down to you to follow up with B, so head along the platform to meet Hau there. Inside, you'll need to take down a couple of Aether grunts, before doing a little digging around the room for clues. At the room's PC, there's some detail on Cosmog - it seems that it's a form of Ultra Beast itself which, when placed under extreme stress, can open an Ultra Wormhole as a means of escape.

Once you've finished up with reading the Aether Foundation's synister plans, Gladion appears outside the room. He's finished in Lab A, and it looks like this whole trip to the labs was a distraction from Faba. Time to follow Gladion back upstairs - but check Lab A on the way out for a Full Restore and some interesting backstory on Gladion's Type:Null, too! As it turns out, the strange Pokémon was artificially created by the Aether Foundation to endlessly battle Ultra Beasts in a series of tests - nicknamed, in fact, as the Beast Killer.

ItemWhere to find
Rare Candy Right at the very top of the ground floor, past lift
X Special Attack Very bottom left through the crates in area by lift
TM06 Toxic Very bottom left even past the Sp Atk. on same floor
Max Revive Hau, after lift goes to bottom floor
Zygarde Cell Down the end of the platform by entrance to Secret Lab B
Full Restore Secret Lab A
Aether Foundation Employee Dugtrio
Aether Foundation Employee Herdier
Aether Foundation Employee Shelgon
Aether Foundation Employee Vibrava
Aether Foundation Employee Primeape Lvl.37
Aether Branch Chief Faba Hypno Lvl.39
Masked Aether Foundation Employee (1/3 in a row) Muk Lvl.37
Masked Aether Foundation Employee (2/3 in a row)) Magneton Lvl.37
Masked Aether Foundation Employee (3/3 in a row) Porygon 2 Lvl.37
Aether Foundation Employee x2 (with Hao) Vanillish

Aether Paradise Island - Conservation Area, Outside, and President Lusamine's room

Head back to the lift and up to 1F, where there are more employees here to battle. After that, Wicke will appear, and kindly heal you as you go - strange, seeing as she seems to work for the Aether Foundation herself. At the desk to the south of this lift area you can also be healed by the Aether employee at the entrance desk, too, if you need it.

Continue to follow Hau and Gladion - Wicke says Lillie's probably with the President - and you'll soon meet Faba again, in front of a locked door and this time with some backup. After you defeat them all again, Faba will give Hau the key to that door and you can get to the external area of Aether Paradise.

Now, however, Guzma and Team Skull have arrived! You'll need to fight your way across the bridge ahead of you to reach Gladion and Guzma at the end. It turns out, when you reach them, that Gladion lost to Guzma, and is having another of his tantrums about it. Avenge Gladion in another battle with Guzma, and you'll only have the large mansion house left ahead of you.

Head inside and up the elevator, which will take you to President Lusamine's room. There, you'll find Lillie at last, with Lusamine - who turns out to be her mother! Lusamine has some more than harsh words for Lillie, castigating her for running away and claiming that, like it or not, she'll be summoning the Ultra Beasts with Nebby regardless!

Lusamine heads onto a strange warp-pad inside her wardrobe - follow her! On the other side, you'll be in a sterile secret chamber, filled with frozen Pokémon and not much else, and Gladion - who turns out to be Lillie's brother and Lusamine's son! - and Hau turn up soon after you. Nebby the Cosmog is trapped in some kind of box in front of Lusamine. She begins to summon the Ultra Beasts, and Nebby's box starts to glow...

A cutscene shows wormholes tear through the sky all across Alola. The Island Kahuna's, aided by the Guardian Tapu Pokémon, take on the Ultra Beasts in the hope of protecting their islands. Back at Aether Paradise, Guzma bursts in, with the Ultra Beast that you first saw on Aether Paradise appearing in a wormhole right in front of you!

With these super-powerful Ultra Beasts threatening the safety of Alola, it's time to battle. Hau takes Guzma, Gladion, with his beast-killer Type:Null take on the Ultra Beast, and you're left to tackle Lusamine.

Afterwards, the Ultra Beast, Lusamine, and Guzma flee - into the wormhole! Cosmog, meanwhile, has changed forms... and isn't moving.

ItemWhere to find
Full HealSkull Area; All the way to the left and up the steps, immediately after getting to the garden area with Skull
Zygarde CellSkull Area; All the way to the right and up the steps, as above
Zygarde CellSkull Area; Far left and a little round the corner of building at the end of the bridge, after beating Guzma
Zygarde CellSkull Area; Under a small side table with a lamp, on the right as you enter the mansion at the end after Guzma
Master BallAfter defeating Lusamine; From Gladion
StickAfter defeating Lusamine; Employee inside first big door that you needed the key from Faba for before
Hyper PotionAfter defeating Lusamine; Outside by heading past the lift instead of down in it. To the right, all the way at the back round the corner
Aether Foundation Employee x2 (with Hao)Pelipper
Aether Foundation Employee x2 (with Gladion)Electabuzz
Aether Foundation Employee, Faba (with Hao)Ledian
Skull GruntGolbatLvl.37
Skull GruntAlolan RaticateLvl.37
Skull Boss GladionGolisopod
President LusamineClefable

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The next day, things have settled down somewhat. Lillie is filled with a new sense of confidence - apparently she's in her own Z-form, now... - whilst Gladion has done some more digging around, and found some very useful items. The Sunne / Moone Flute (the opposite to whichever copy of the game you have) was found downstairs, whilst he also picked up a Master Ball, and hands it over to you.

Interestingly, that Flute can be used - along with it's partner - to summon the island's legendary Pokémon, if those legends themselves are anything to go by. Hau turns up too, and seeing as the threat of the Aether Foundation has been somewhat delt with for now, it's time to head over to Poni Island at last, to finish your Island Challenge.

Meet Gladion, Lillie and Hau down at the docks, and talk to them to head off - but don't forget to investigate the rest of the island first, as there are a huge amount of items here to pick up if you do.

At last, you can now move on - next stop Poni Island, Seafolk Village and the Poni Wilds.

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