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Pokémon Sun and Moon - Po Town, Team Skull, Buginium Z, Darkinium Z, Ula'Ula Grand Trial

Our complete walkthrough for every step of your latest Pokémon journey.

Having blitzed your way through Route 15, 16, 17 and the Ula'Ula Meadow, it's finally time to tackle Team Skull on their own turf.

Rescuing Yungoos is still your primary objective here in Po Town, but in doing so you'll also end up in front of your Ula'Ula Kahuna, with both Buginium Z and Darkinium Z to show for your effort...

Po Town - Team Skull, Guzma, and Buginium Z

Po Town is likely to be one of your greatest challenges so far, with dozens of Team Skull Grunts to battle up ahead.

As you enter, two Grunts are holding up a barricade, to stop you getting any further into town - you'll need to find a way around. Crawl under the hedge to the left, by a dirt track, to get past and battle them on the other side. There's also a Pokémon Center to the right, although even that's been taken over by Team Skull Grunts, and you'll be charged $10 to heal up your squad.

Keep progressing, then, by looking for gaps in the barricades when you reach them. There are different items and little features locked away to either side, too, so keep an eye on our item table below to make sure you pick up everything as you go!

Eventually, you'll reach a large mansion building at the top of the route. Working your way through it, you'll eventually reach the top floor, where a Grunt requires a sequence of passwords to proceed. These can be found scattered on scraps of paper around the mansion, but you can find the answers in the box to the right, too.

Enter the passwords correctly and you'll be allowed to progress out to the balcony, where there are yet more trainers waiting for you. Work your way to the right and in through the window, and finally you'll find Guzma, the Team Skull Boss, sat atop a makeshift throne with a pile of gems to one side, and poor Yungoos to the other.

Battle Guzma, and if you win, you'll be able to take a Buginium Z Crystal from the pile to the side of his throne - it turned out they were collecting all of them, to try and make Guzma the best Bug-type trainer in Alola. More importantly, Yungoos is saved!

Back outside the mansion, you'll find the grizzled guy in a Police Officer's outfit once more. Turns out he's known as Officer Nanu, and is Acerola's uncle, too! Hitch a Charizard Ride back to Aether House (again!) to tie up the loose ends here.

ItemWhere to find
Max RepelFar right, as soon as you enter, before the palisade
Rare CandyTake the right hand tunnel after PMC, past two Skull Girls
Smoke BallAfter area with guy on top of truck, head to the next area above, then far right there's a blue arrow on the ground pointing downwards. It points to a gap in the hedge where you can get behind the mustard truck with the depressed gambler and his Murkrow
Zygarde CellIn front of dark red truck on left towards top of route, between two Skull Grunts and their Grimer
Max ReviveIn second to back room on left of ground floor in mansion, by sleeping grunt
Heal PowderRoom with Tapu Cocoa password. Use central door on ground floor of mansion, and keep heading right
Ice StoneExit mansion to the left on ground floor, in the little structure above the pool
TM36 Sludge BombBack left room on 1st floor of shady house
IronBottom left door on 1st floor of Shady House/mansion
Escape RopeUp on right of roof
Buginium ZFrom the sparkling chest next to Guzma's throne after defeating him
Skull GruntSpinarakLvl.34
Skull GruntGrimerLvl.34
Skull Grunt, Skull GruntRaticate
Skull GruntFomantis
Skull GruntWimpodLvl.35
Skull GruntZubat
Skull GruntMareanieLvl.35
Skull GruntHaunterLvl.35
Skull GruntAlolan RattataLvl.35
Skull GruntAlolan RaticateLvl.35
Skull GruntFomantisLvl.35
Skull GruntWimpod
Skull GruntGolbatLvl.35
Team Skull Boss GuzmaGolisopod

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Aether House yet again, and return to Malie City

Back at Aether House, Hau's been real stressed, as it turns out Lillie's disappeared once more. A flashback, suddenly, shows you Lillie being taken by Plumeria while you were away - Lillie didn't want her Nebby being hurt again and so gave in to Plumeria's wishes.

Gladion turns up, too, and is rather annoyed we let Lillie be captured. He battles you in frustration, but apologises soon after. You'll need to head to the Ula'Ula ferry terminal back in Malie City for some reason, as it seems like Gladion knows where they went.

Once you're there, Officer Nanu joins you at the port - it turns out he's the Ula'Ula Island Kahuna! He offers you a battle and, if you win, grants you the Darkinium Z Crystal as a reward. "There. Congratulations or whatever" is his grumbled celebration for you - although he does offer a half- smile in the end.

ItemWhere to find
Darkinium ZStory
Type: Null
Island Kahuna NanuSableye
Alolan Persian

Hau rocks up soon after, with some more of his trademark peppy banter - but it turns out we do know where Lillie's been taken: Team Skull and the Aether Foundation are working together... it's time to head back to visit President Lusamine and Aether Paradise!

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